Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is a special time for makeup lovers.  Not only do you get to showcase those brush skills, over-the-top costume makeup and killer looks can be found left and right. (Plus- Who doesn’t love vampy lip colors?)

That being said, we’re unleashing the Dollar Eyelash Club youtube channel at a SCARY good time and showing you how to do Glitter-Inspired Zipper Face makeup.

Watch the video, read the blog, and make sure you share your Halloween looks with us on instagram and Facebook @dollareyelashclub ;)

What You’ll Need:

  1. A Zipper.  You can pick this up at a craft store, sewing supply store, or just take a trip over to Amazon and order one.  
  2. Glitter.  Gotta have that sparkle!  We’re using a blood red glitter highlighted with gold glitter.
  3. Sponges.  Dab, dab, and before you forget- dab again. We will be using this to apply the glitter.
  4. Liquid Latex. This is how wel’ll get the zipper and glitter to stick to the face.
  5. Thick Falsies.  No look is complete without lashes and Halloween is no exception! We recommend the Man Eater 3D Faux Mink for thick, intense lashes.
  6. Your Choice of Makeup.  We’re going to be using dark, heavy eyeliner and intense shadow with glitter on top. But you’re welcome to choose your own (especially if you’re going with different glitter colors).

Let’s get started!  As you can see, we already have base makeup on.  This includes powder, blush, and colored in brows (don’t worry, we’re going to make these brows more intense).

Prepping the Zipper

First, we’re going to do a little planning.  Hold the zipper up to your face and see where it lays and what you’ll need to cut off.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1

Once you’ve got that, it’s time to trim off the black portion of the zipper.  All we really want is the gold, so try to get as close as possible without damaging the zipper.   When you’re finished, you should barely be able to see the black around the zipper.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 2

Now it’s time to get to makeup.  But before we do that… We have a warning for you.  Do not wear your Halloween outfit while doing this costume makeup.  We’re working with dark colors and tons of glitter, so if you don’t want to wear it out that night- make sure you’re wearing a shirt you’re fine with getting dirty.


The Eye Makeup

As we mentioned before, you’re free to do whatever makeup you see fit for your eyes.  You’ll want to make sure you do your eye makeup first, or you’ll have a difficult time keeping your face clean throughout the process.

We’re doing a black smokey eye with gold glitter over the top of them.  First, we put the black over the lid.  Then, we smoke it out with a grey color and blend it out for your classic smokey eye.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 3

Last but not least, it’s time for the glitter palette!  As you can see, the color on the left is a lot like the glitter we’ll be using. We’re going to punch it up a bit by using the gold, as well as the more bronze color to the right of it. (Who doesn’t love variety?)

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial 4

Take a makeup brush (if you don’t have one dedicated to glittery colors- now’s the time!) and lay the glitter over your smokey eye. We started with the bronze color and laid the gold color over top.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup tutorial 5

And now we’re going to revisit the brows and make them thick and dramatic. Simply extend and thicken your brows with your choice of brow liner, shadow, or stamp.

Zipper Faced Halloween Makeup Tutorial 6

Now it’s time for eyeliner and mascara.  On the bottom lash line, we’ll be putting a nice line of black eyeliner and applying mascara.  On the top, we’re pulling out the liquid liner for winged eyeliner.  

You’ll notice we didn’t put any mascara on the top lashes and that’s because we’re waiting until the very end to put false eyelashes on. This will help us avoid getting any glitter onto the lashes.  So for now- eyes are done!

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 7

Applying the Zipper

Now for the best part!  The zipper.  Press the zipper against your face and see how you’d like it to lay.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 8

You want the ends of the zipper to line up directly with your chin.  Once you have the positioning right, it’s time to pull out the liquid latex.  Spread the latex on your sponge and apply it to the back of the zipper (not your face). We found using a Q-tip was a bit easier, and adopted it for the the parts of the zipper where the two sides separate.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup8

With the liquid latex applied- Firmly, press the top of the zipper to your forehead when you want the zipper to start and work your way down.  Allow it to dry before you move on and don’t worry about the latex- we’ll be able to peel away the excess easily once it’s dried.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 10


Applying the Glitter

First, you’ll want to get your sponges out.  On 1 sponge you’ll apply the liquid latex and put an even layer on the area inside of the zipper.  On the other sponge, you’ll apply the glitter and gently pat it on.  We’re going to start the the blood red glitter.

You want to go section by section at a time because the liquid latex will dry quickly. Start at the top of the zipper and work your way down

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 11

Where the corners are tight, you may want to use a Q-Tip to fill in the areas closest to the zipper.

Halloween Zipper Face Makeup 12


Once you’re done, you’re ready to put on the second layer of glitter.  After giving a minute or two to dry, you want to apply another thin layer of liquid latex on top of the red color.  Dab gently over the red.

If you find that your glitter is uneven, lightly dab more liquid latex onto your skin and adjust the colors as you see fit.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 13

Now the zipper face is complete!  We’re ready to move on to the finishing touches.


The Finishing Touches

2 more steps and we’re done!  Apply your favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks and get ready to put on falsies!  As we mentioned before, we’re using the Man Eater 3D Faux Mink lashes.  Not only are they thick and gorgeous, they’re perfect to take this Halloween look to the next level.

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 14

If you’re not familiar with lashes, we wrote a blog a while back on how to apply them like a #muapro every time.  Read it here.

While the lash glue dries, take the time to clean up any excess glitter you may have gotten on your face along the way.  In about 30 seconds… You’re done!

Zipper Face Halloween Makeup 14

Remember, the sky is the limit! You can choose whichever colors you want to use to tie this look into your costume. If you want to see how we’re doing the hair for this look- head over to Youtube and search @nvennhairbeauty to see the completed look :)

Are you trying this look out?  Don’t forget to tag @dollareyelashclub and show us your spooky selfies!

P.S.  Don’t even think about eating while you’re wearing this!  Make sure you stock up on carbs and eat a big breakfast because eating will ruin the look.  (You should be fine for a few drinks, though :P )







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