Winter 2017 - 2018 Makeup and Fashion trends. REWIND to ‘89

They say fashion trends repeat themselves in a 20-something year cycle. It's no surprise that as we approach 2018 We’re seeing Winter Makeup and Fashion Trends on Instagram and Pinterest that seem to be in flux between 1985 - 1995. Falling somewhere between one of two categories.

It’s no doubt that millennial fashion has done a hard throwback to the years when the first Millennials were born…

On one hand,

you’ve got the business professional style. Sharp, comfortably-fitting jackets in the fashion of Yves Saint Laurent. With stylish curls, and muted, glowing makeup looks.

Think of a young, powerful, commanding female executive, among a pack of “wall street wolves”. One who commands respect and authority with her success, and also causes jaws to drop as the “femme-fatale” den mother.

winter fashion makeup trend

This look is very put together and polished. It has become a classic, and standard mode of fashion. It’s Minimal with muted colors. Mauve and taupe eyeshadows with downplayed, warm peach and nude lip and cheek shades.

Natural highlights are key here, not too much shine, and don’t overload your brush. You want icy, subtle, highlights to accentuate that while you may be the stone cold embodiment of excellence, you are in fact, very much alive.

Pair this with bouncy blowouts, and summery beach hair for a look that exudes both authority, and beauty. If you’re going out, just throw on some red lips, false lashes, and a little black dress. You’re sure to capture the eye of admirers. You can’t go wrong.

On the other hand,

The Edgier side of fashion is doing things a little differently this Winter. Pale skin and set in eyes are a go-to for bar crawlers and ‘it’ girls alike. This seems to be the resurgence of “heroin chic” a la Kate Moss crossed with the “nickelodeon kids”

These popular late eighties to mid-nineties-esque, “retro-futuristic” styles incorporate black and blue denim, holofoil, Lisa Frank inspired designs, arcade influenced imagery (think “Tron”).

With blocky eyebrows and dominant “nerdgirl” tech-aesthetic with a burst of color, a hint of sarcasm, and about 2 parts cheerful nihilism. These are playful looks that often incorporate pastels and neon, as well as clashing patterns.

winter fashion makeup trend

Dark thick rimmed eyeliner is very popular again, with downplayed smokey eyes and bursts of vibrant near neon colors. High-contrast colors are a go to for makeup palettes, as well as girlish pastel lip colors and tinted highlights.

It’s probably safe to say that this look borders on “neo-grunge” and “rave kid”.

Messy updos with chunky neon color patterns are a rapidly growing throwback hair trend.

Drab by day, black jeans and pastel kicks with a baggy sweatshirt or military jacket, and maybe a neon colored trucker hat gives way to power-clashing patterns in the PM like stripes and houndstooth with neon leggings and brightly colored accents.

Pair this look with some cute bangs, big gaudy hoop earrings, and a set of stunning 3D faux mink lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club and you’ll be ready to beat the high score at the arcade..or bar...or barcade…. ?

It seems like winter ‘17 fashion is very similar to Molly Ringwald At the Beginning of “Pretty in Pink” or, Molly Ringwald at the end of “Pretty in Pink”

Add a touch of Dana Scully to the first, a splash of punky brewster to the other and call it a day.

What do you think about these throwback styles?

What styles are you rockin’ this winter?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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