When to Throw Out Your Makeup


Is your mascara irritating your eyes? How old is it? Did you know that your makeup expires? If not, that’s okay. We can all be guilty of hoarding our beauty products long past their prime. As makeup expires, it stops performing as well as it used to, and can cause irritations or infections.


So, how do you know if the makeup you are wearing is past its expiry date? Read on for guidelines, and tips on when it's time to toss away your makeup


Life Span: three to six months

If your mascara has a smell (burning plastic) or is clumpy on your lashes, it’s time to replace it with a new mascara. Depending on the use of mascara, you can stretch it from three to six months before needing to replace it. To avoid quickening the ruin of your mascara, do not pump the wand in and out of the tube, pumping pushes air into the container and causes the mascara to dry out.

Slowly draw out and twist the wand to scrape the mascara in the tube and apply.  Close your new tube of mascara tightly after each use, and never share with anyone to help protect your mascara from bacteria. Another alternative to extending your mascara is eyelashes that can be used new every other week. 

Face Makeup

Life span: six months for liquids and two years for powders

As foundation ages, it can get uneven, and the continual use of brushes and fingers in liquid foundation can increase bacterial growth in your makeup. When your liquid foundations begin to separate, your cream thickens, or your makeup develops a rubbery smell it is time to toss your foundation.

To extend the life of your makeup, use a cotton swab when dipping into bottles. If you are using a compact, wash the sponge every few weeks.

Powder foundation presents less of a problem when it comes to bacteria because bacteria won’t grow when there’s no water. But over time, the powder will begin to crumble.  Keeping your hands out of your concealer and foundation, and tightly screwing the lid will help extend your face makeups life span. 

Eyeliner & Eye Shadow

Life span: liquid eyeliner three months, pencil eyeliner and powder eye shadows two years, and cream eye shadows six months

Bacteria flourishes in liquid-eyeliner tubs and the product dries out like mascara. Pencil eyeliners have a longer life span because each time you sharpen the pencil, you create a clean surface.

Toss your pencil liner though if it starts oozing an oily substance or forms a white film. Not much can be done to extend the life of liquid eyeliner because the tips are continually in contact with your eyes and is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Powder shadows are like pressed powders and are less prone to bacteria, but old eye shadows will have issues; they get packed down, making it harder to pick up pigment with your brush.  You can extend powder's lifespan by keeping them dry and storing in a place other than the bathroom where humidity can ruin their texture. 

Tips for Prolonging Makeup



Prolong your makeup lifespan by following these tips:

  • Before putting fingers in a product wash and dry your hands thoroughly
  • If you have an eye infection stop using all eye makeup immediately
  • Smell your mascara when you first open it, expired mascara will often have a funny, chemical smell to it
  • If you have a pimple, you a cotton-tipped swab or disposable sponge to apply makeup and avoid double-dipping to prevent contamination.
  • Sanitize your products to prevent bacteria growth

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