The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

You can accomplish any look with the right brushes. There are so many brushes out there that it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are brushes for your face, eyes, and lips, OH MY! Let’s not be shy, let’s get to know them! Here’s the Dollar Eyelash Club’s Ultimate Guide to Makeup Brushes.


Foundation Brush:

foundation brush

Use this brush to apply cream or liquid foundation for a seamless blend.

The brush comes in a huge range of shapes and sizes:

  • flat
  • angled
  • fluffy
  • domed

However, it’s highly likely you’ll see the flat brush in nearly every makeup tutorial.


Concealer Brush:

concealer brush

The point of this brush is to apply your makeup with great detail to smaller areas on the face. This should be your go-to brush for covering blemishes on your face. We recommend an antibacterial brush because it may be in contact with skin blemishes.  Do yourself a favor and help your skin clear up with an antibacterial brush.

Contour Brush:

Contour Brush

Soft, dense, and typically angled. The contouring brush allows you to apply a concentrated amount of product to your contour area. The angle of the brush will glide nicely underneath your cheekbone, nearly doing the contour work for you.

Fan Brush:

fan brush

Have you ever had unwanted makeup debris (loose powder) on your face that you need to get rid of, but are afraid it will smudge if you use your hand? This brush is what you need! It lightly brushes away makeup mistakes and dusts off lingering powder products. This brush serves a dual purpose! Do you love a highlight that pops?! The fan brush is the simple key! The bristles are ultra light and perfectly shaped to run a light amount of powder highlighter along your cheekbones and nose.  

Powder Brush:

powder brush

Any loose powder product can be evenly distributed, avoiding a “caked-on” look, with the long, fluffy, and soft bristles of this powder brush.

Blush Brush:

blush brush

A blush brush has long, fluffy, and soft bristles like a powder brush and features a dome shape. It is smaller than the powder brush and allows for a concentrated application of product while also allowing you to blend and build color.


Kabuki Brush:

kabuki brush

This brush is all about versatility. It has a flat top with soft, voluminous bristles that can be used to apply powder, bronzer, or use it to blend.   If you’re on the move a lot, this brush supplies a super easy way to carry a blush brush in your makeup kit.

Eyeliner Brushes:

fine point eyeliner brushflat eyeliner brushangle eyeliner brushwing tip eyeliner brushsmudge brush

Eyeliner brushes come in various shapes and sizes, such as fine point, flat, smudgers, and angles brushes. If you are looking for a precise eyeline or a winged tip, then we recommend a fine point, flat, or angled brush. If edgy or sultry is your look, then we recommend the use of a smudger brush after you have applied your liner.

Eye Shadow Flat Brush:

eye shadow flat brush

A must have for eye makeup! This brush is ideal for applying shadow to the lids.

Eye Shadow Crease Brush:

shadow crease brush

Another must have for eye makeup! It’s smaller than the flat brush and has a pointed tip for applying and blending makeup into the crease of your eye.

Eye Shadow Blending Brush:

eye shadow blending brush

This brush brings your eye look all together. Use it to blend eyeshadows into your lids.

Brow Brush and Spoolie:

brow brush and spoolie

An angled brow brush is prime for applying any eyebrow products, like waxes, powders, and pomades. The spoolie brings it all together by grooming your brows and blending the product in. These products may come separate or as a dual tool.

Brow Brush and Comb:

brush comb combo

This two in one tool is perfect for taming eyebrows and combing mascara clumps from eyelashes.

Lip Brush:

lip brush

Put the tube down and go for the brush! Lip brushes make outlining and filling in your lips super easy and precise, especially for darker colors. It allows you to blend and build colors without over-application.

Beauty Blender:

beauty blender

Not exactly a brush! The beauty blender is the most versatile of beauty tools. You can apply, primer, foundation, powder, contour, and highlight flawlessly from the beauty blender!


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