The Importance of Water

Water is essential to flawless glowing skin, but did you know that it can fix almost all the things people usually dislike about themselves?  

By just drinking more water, you can get rid of- acne, wrinkles, tummy bloat, bad breath, headaches, flaky scalp, dry skin, hangovers, cellulite...and the list goes on. It may seem hard to get your daily water intake, but all of these issues can be improved by having a couple more glasses of water in one’s day.

The H20 facts

Let’s get into some real facts about water, and it’s importance. According to the USGS Water Science School: the lungs are 83% water, brain/ heart are 73% water, the skin is made up of 64% water, muscles/ kidneys are made up of 79% water, even your bones are 31% water. 2/3s of your body is made up of water so you can just imagine what being dehydrated could do to your system.

That’s just the amount of water your body needs at a resting state. Your body still needs more water for its systems to work (digestion, detoxification, etc.) just like the water in a river, water in our body is meant to flow as well to help move things around and out. So it makes sense that we need to be getting the proper amount of water each day.

What can water fix?


Cellulite is a buildup of fatty deposits that get stuck. Drinking enough water keeps everything running and flushed out. Less water means more possible cellulite!

Bad breath

Bad breath is caused by different types of bacteria food stuck in between your teeth. It is easy to notice by yourself and others if you have a buildup of funk on your tongue. Drinking water will make sure your food gets washed down and keep your breath smelling fresh. Plus water helps keep good bacteria in your gut to prevent from a sour smell coming up from your stomach.


Headaches are often caused by mild inflammation of the brain. Drinking water helps reduce inflammation during a headache and helps prevent them from happening in the first place. It’s also essential to know H20 is a great supply of oxygen, which can also help beaches. The more water that can be drunk throughout the day, the less likely headaches will come out. Who wouldn’t love fewer headaches?


That little gut you have in the evening comes from a buildup of toxins in your intestinal walls, which makes your stomach protrude. This happens after a big meal, or when there isn’t enough water to flush it out. So putting more water in your body can actually help you look slimmer!

Cure the hangover

What is a hangover, really? A little grade 10 science for you. Alcohol is (-OH). having water (h20) helps to break down the (-OH) turning it into water; therefore relieving your hangover

To simplify, alcohol can dehydrate your body because when it breaks down, it breaks down into glucose. This will leave your body craving water. So before the nights over, make sure to hydrate with a good amount of water.

Brighten Dull Skin

Your skin can be a good representation of your habits. Good and bad. Don’t show off how dehydrated you are!

Your skin is also a way that your body detoxes. When your skin is moist, it can, and toxins can come out freely. When the skin dry, the flakes sit on your skin and your clogs your pores. Those clogged pores cause toxins trying to come out but get trapped, turning into pimples. Instead of leaving your skin dry and unable to breathe, drink some H20 to release the toxins.

Water will also help prevent wrinkles! Dry skin can crease more, which turns into fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking water is a super simple way to maintain your skin’s elasticity and prevent those fine lines and wrinkles.


After hearing all of these issues can be solved with a couple more gulps of water, doesn’t it choose to drink easier? Next time you reach for your coffee, pair it with a tall glass of water too. Your body will thank you later.

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