The Draping Technique: Contouring with Blush

We are here with veronica for this week’s video and she is going to be showing you a simple makeup trend for 2018.

Blush is the new contour, and the new “draping” technique is all the rage right now. Of course in the beauty industry know that all “new” techniques are just old techniques reinvented. Fashion is a cycle and every trend that was once popular will always come back. The look we are going to see is a modern take on a look that was very popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s: using blush as contour.

Draping: Contouring with Blush

To create this look, veronica is going to use a darker neutral toned blush to create the cheek contour, and a brighter more vibrant summer tone to create the highlight of the look.

She begins by applying the more neutral tone blush to the area below the cheekbones to create the contoured effect.

She also applies some of the same color above the brow bone and down onto the temple.

next, with a clean brush, she will apply a brighter rosy pink above the contour color and down onto the “apples” of the cheeks to create this bright natural look.

Finally, using a feather-light touch and a very small amount of color, she blends the color to a a very natural looking transition and soften the edges of this subtle look.

The Final Look

We love this look because it creates a really nice contour, but it’s also a very rosy look that is perfect for summer. I Live I Love I Lash all summer long!

What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of blush making a comeback?

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