The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Much like haircuts and eyelashes, how you should style your eyebrows is affected by the shape of your face. Despite how minimal something like eyebrow shape may seem, it can make a world of difference on your beauty routine.  Perfectly shaped brows can emphasize your eyes and improve the overall symmetry of your face.

The first step in finding the best eyebrow shape for your face is by identifying your face shape.  In this blog, we’re going to breakdown the best eyebrow shape for your face and give you a few pointers on how to attain that look.

Luckily, our sister company Nvenn has written a blog on face shapes.  Read it here if you need help finding your face shape.


Square Faces

(image source: beauty tips)

When you have a square face shape, your jaw accentuates the angles of your face.  To flatter this feature, softly rounded eyebrows should be your style of choice.  The keyword here is softly rounded.  Don’t make the mistake of making half moons over your eye!


Round Faces

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Angled eyebrows are perfect for people with rounds faces.  With a rounded face shape, there is a lack of defined structure in your face.  Angling your brows will bring definition and structure to your face.  You can even pull of a higher arch if you’d like, as high arches are flattering on round face shapes.

Long Faces

(image source: ouch press)

Elongated features characterize a few different face shapes but are characterized by features that are vertically prominent.  Naturally, you’ll want to ensure extended brows to add horizontal features.  Allow the ‘tail’ of your eyebrow to extend further than usual.  Just make sure you don’t let the tail extend too long or it may make your eyes appear droopy.

Heart-Shaped Faces

(image source: style herder)

Heart-shaped faces will want to make sure that they keep a tightly groomed brow.  Due to emphasis on the upper portion of the face, it’s important to keep your brows groomed.  Avoid thick brows but never pluck too much!  An extremely thin brow isn’t exactly flattering, either.

Oval Faces

(image source: cosmopolitan)

Luckily for oval shaped faces, a classic-shaped and balanced brow is ideal.  Simply keep your eyebrows well groomed and add a bit of an arch on the outer edge if you’re looking to add a little POP to your eyes.

Now that we’ve covered the style guidelines for each face shape, let’s talk a little bit more about shaping your eyebrows.

Rules for Shaping Your Eyebrows

There are few aspects of styling your eyebrows that apply to every face shape. Keep the following in mind while working on your eyebrows (or when the stylist asks you what you’d like).

  • Your brows should begin at the bridge of your nose.  Hold a pencil vertically to both sides of your nose bone to identify where your brows should begin.

  • Avoid the dreaded center arch.  One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to their eyebrows is creating the arch of their brows in the center of their eye.  The arch of your eyebrows should be about 2/3rds away from the bridge of your nose.

  • Don’t cut or pluck too short.  It’s easy to get excited and pluck way too many hairs from your brow.  The end of your eyebrows or ‘the tail’ should end towards the corner of your eye.  Try to finish with a crisp line to accentuate the eye.

If you’re worried that you’re going to end up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein, it’s a good idea to seek the aid of a professional (or be taught by one).  Though eyebrows can redefine your face and draw attention to those gorgeous lashes, over or under-plucked eyebrows can be difficult to cover up. Over plucking can also damage the hair follicle, so be careful.   

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