The Best Blush Tone for Your Complexion

A little blush goes a long way, but that’s not always a good thing.  The key to rocking blush with your look is making sure you have the best blush tone for your complexion.  Once you’ve got that figured out, you can elevate whatever look you’re going for.   Which is exactly what we’re going to accomplish in this blog.

Blush Colors for Fair Skin

Fair skin can be difficult to match blush to.  Though you’ve got a clear complexion that will certainly take to color, you’ll need to make sure that choose colors that don’t overwhelm and crowd the look you’re going.

If you have fair skin with pink undertones, you’ll want to stay with cool and neutral pink colors. The subtle tones will add brightness to your face, without flushing you out.

image source: NYX


If you have fair skin with yellow undertones, you’ll want to look for warmer peach colors. Peach colors with a bit of gold throughout them will also be flattering.  Colors in this palette will enhance the orange and yellow tones that appear naturally in your skin.

image source:Too Faced


Blush Colors for Medium Skin Tones

If you have medium skin with yellow undertones, go for sandy shades or muted peaches that will bring a realistic sweep of colors to your cheeks.

image source: Clinique


If you have medium skin with golden undertones, you’re lucky to be born with a lot of natural glow!  To enhance that natural glow, go for a peach or light pink tinted bronzer.

image source: Wet n Wild


Blush Colors for Dark Skin Tones

If you have dark skin with yellow undertones, look for brick-red colors to bring a warmth to your cheeks like never before.  These colors enhance the natural traces of yellow within your skin tone.

image source: NARS


If you dark skin with red undertones, head in the opposite direction.  Light peach and papaya colors will brighten your skin tone without overpowering your cheek or looking unnatural.

image source: Lancome


Do you feel ready to take on the world of blush? Just a few weeks ago, we were discussing how intense blush is one of 2017’s most striking makeup trends. So head on down to the drugstore of closest Sephora and unleash your blush powers.

Which blush are you using to complete your look?  Let us know in the comments :)

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