The Basics of Lashes: Applying, Removing, and Caring for Your Eyes

False lashes seem to be on everybody’s makeup to do list, especially for a full glam look. applying them correctly takes great skill.

But after you’re done wearing them, how do you take them off correctly? I’m sure we all worry about ripping out our natural lashes if we’re not careful. The glue sticks to your eyelids which can be pretty painful once you remove them.

If you remove your false lashes incorrectly, you could permanently damage your eyelid and lashes. Naturally, the process begins with making sure your lashes are placed properly when you apply them

The Right Place to Apply

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The first step should be applying false lashes correctly. Typically the goal is to make them look as natural as possible. So most people make the mistake of putting them on your lash line. This is a huge mistake and a one-way ticket to ripping out your natural lashes. Getting them close to your last line should be the goal. This will prevent fall out of your natural lashes.

Try Not to Rip Them Off

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As expressed earlier, eyelashes should not be pulled off of your face without prepping the area first. This rule applies with semi-permanent lashes and temporary lashes.

What Type of Lash do You Have?

The Basics of Lashes: Applying, Removing, and Caring for Your Eyes

Being that long lashes are so popular, there are many different ways to achieve fuller lashes. One being a semi-permanent false lash, and the other being a temporary daily lash.

Semi-permanent false lashes are typically applied one hair strand at a time. This ends up looking pretty natural, and most get a fill every 2 to 3 weeks. They are waterproof and can last a good time frame if they are taken care of.

Temporary false lashes can be applied in a cluster or on a strip. They typically are worn on a daily basis, instead of the multiple week timelines for semi-permanent lashes. Some people like temporary false lashes better than semi-permanent false lashes. For the simple fact that you can take them off after every day. It’s similar to starting with a clean slate every new application.

Yet semi-permanent false lashes are getting more popular for the extended timeframe that they can be worn. So your personal favorite will definitely be a personal opinion. Everyone’s different.

How to Remove Semi-Permanent False Lashes

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Naturally, after a while, the semi-permanent false lashes will fall out on their own. If there are only a few strands left, there is no need to hit up the salon. Cleanse your face with a normal makeup remover like micellar water.

Next, we are going to self-steam. Collect steaming hot water whether in a bowl or a pot and lean your face over the steam. This will help soften the adhesive. Grab a towel and lay it over your head to focus the steam on your face. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and let the steam work its magic.

Afterward, get a cotton pad and put a small amount of your preferred oil upon it. Coconut oil, olive oil, and baby oil or commonly used. Wipe gently with a cotton pad on your lash line. This should successfully remove the false lashes that are left over.

Removing Temporary Lashes

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Temporary lashes can add to your makeup look, making the end result look exquisite. But after a long day of being you, you may want a break. If this is the case there is a very simple way to remove a temporary lash.

It’s very often that temporary lashes weatherstrip or cluster are applied with temporary glue. This glue is commonly latex based. The glue used typically less waterproof than the glue for semi-permanent lashes.

To remove soak a cotton pad in the micellar water or coconut oil. Hold the cotton pad on your eye for 20 to 30 seconds to loosen the adhesive. If the latch does not come off the first time feel free to repeat the process.

After you feel the glue loosen peel the lash from the outer to the center. There may be some excess glue or makeup after removing the lash. Run a clean cotton pad with the lash line to remove any extra grime.

It’s Important to Do a Deep Clean

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Cleaning your lashes after ever removal of false lashes are very important. This helps maintain your natural lashes and keeps them healthy. No one wants to get stuck with an eye infection over something that could have been avoided. Take the time to clean your lashes and eyes.

Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog. Are you looking for some new lashes? Make sure to check out some of our cruelty-free vegan lashes. Tune in next week for a new blog.

Live, Lash, and Love


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