Photography Makeup: The 3 Corners Highlighting Technique

We are here with Veronica for the latest video, and this week she is going to be showing us a great makeup technique for enhancing facial features. This highlight technique is known as “3 corners.” It involves highlighting the inner corners of the eyes, as well as the outer corners of the nose and mouth. It’s a great look that really opens up the face and accentuates your natural features. This technique is great for photography makeup because it helps create a nice contrast and a flawless finish.


Creating the Base

Veronica is going to start by applying a coverup foundation. Today she is using Cover FX C10. When choosing the base highlight shade for this look, you want to select a color that is lighter than your skin tone by about a few shades.

Begin by applying the color to the outer corners of the lips using a flat brush using a sweeping motion to feather the color onto the skin.

Next, she blends the color so that there isn’t a harsh line. A natural diffused transition is what you want to achieve for this look.

Next, she applies the color to the outer corners of the nose using the same technique.

next, she applies the concealer to the inner corners of the eyes. If you have dark circles under the eyes, you can blend the color out to hide any discoloration and brighten the look of your eyes.


Veronica loves to keep a compact makeup kit, so she only carries the lightest foundation and the darkest foundation. Every face gets a custom blend to achieve the right color for your skin tone. Veronica is using a blend of Sephora foundations mixed with a bit of Cara tinted moisturizer to reach her desired color.

PRO TIP: You can use a tinted moisturizer to sheer out foundation if you are looking for a lighter product and do not need as heavy of coverage.

When mixing foundation colors, it is better to start with the lighter shade and mix in small amounts of dark until you achieve the desired color, rather than trying to lighten a dark shade.

Your foundation color should be light enough that it blends flawlessly into the natural skin tone of your face and neck.

To blend the corners where she has applied the highlight, jessica is using a damp Morphe Blender and a stippling technique to gently place the foundation on top of the highlight.

You can see how flawless this look is. It’s a very subtle technique that enhances the natural features of the face, especially in photographic lighting, so it’s perfect for instagram selfies or even professional photoshoots.

Setting the Look with Powder

Next, Veronica is using a Bare Minerals powder to set the makeup and create a perfect finish. Mineral powders like this are great because they are gentle on the skin, and light enough so that the skin can still breathe.

Finishing Touch

A bit of contour on the cheeks will even further help to make those highlight pop. the key to this look is to accentuate the natural contrast of your face to showcase your best features.


Last but not least, a bit of eyeliner and a pair of ‘Princess 101’ 3D Faux Mink Lashes from our favorite one dollar lash subscription, Dollar Eyelash Club.

The Finished Look

You can see how beautiful and flawless this look is. The 3 Corner Highlights really do an amazing job of opening up the look of the face and subtly accentuating the features of the face.

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