The 15 Best Halloween Makeup Looks

It's already October and with Halloween right around the corner many of us may still be searching for the perfect costume idea for this year. Finding the best costume could just be as simple as finding the right makeup! We have gathered 15 looks to help you give you inspiration on your halloween look.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a cute but absolutely crazy super villain from the DC Comic book universe. You'd recognize her from the recent film Suicide Squad where she fights alongside her “puddin”- The Joker. In this tutorial makeup guru Carli Bybel takes you step by step on this simple, yet fun look.

Cartoon Half Man-Half Woman

Looking for a unique costume idea while showing off your killer makeup skills? This half man half woman look creates an easy costume and as it draws attention to the beautiful detailed face. Kandee Johnson shows you her application in this simple tutorial from her youtube channel. This tutorial uses water activated face paints to create a vivid color, creating the cartoon look. You should be sure to have a full pallet to pull this look off.


Everyone loves a mermaid look! Add some shiny scales and luminous eyes to your halloween this year with a mermaid inspired look. Rhiannon Claire designs a flawless mermaid look with a purple sheen that you can recreate following her youtube tutorial. Of course if you'd rather use a blue, green or even red color theme the outcome could still be just as beautiful.

Cute Deer

A cute animal costume is always a good choice for halloween parties no matter who you are. A deer is a great mix up from the usual cat or mouse and gives a very youthful, doe eyed appearance. We've chosen a tutorial from The Makeup Chair who has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel which shows the easiest, most effective way to create this deer look. She even follows the application onto her shoulders and down her neck to ensure a complete look.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull

While Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are two separate holidays the sugar skull makeup look is very popular for halloween. This look can be paired with almost any outfit and makes a quick and easy costume. Our lovely Veronica has a tutorial with her version of the day of the dead makeup look. She shows you how to execute this gorgeous full face design and even creates a 3D effect with her eyes.

Clawed Face

If you feel confident in trying out a special effects makeup look, this clawed face is an easy yet stunning design perfect for those with little experience. Alyshia jones shows you the details of this application in her tutorial. Using liquid latex and toilet paper Alyshia makes face gashes across her face. This technique could be used for a number of different cuts or scrapes to create your own scary look.

Creepy Doll

SML absolutely kills it in her first halloween makeup tutorial with her creepy cracked doll face. She applies a full face of pale foundation and a beautiful eye shadow application before adding the cracks and faux doll jaw that really make this look. Another look that could pair well with any easy outfit and save you if your in a costume pinch.

Zipper Face

Halloween is a time to try out makeup looks that you get no other chance to wear. This glitter zipper face is an eye catching look that comes with a very detailed tutorial which makes it easy to execute. Our very own Veronica Lee breaks down this glamorous yet gory look in her tutorial. She does use a few uncommon items like liquid latex as well as the accent zipper so gather all your supplies before you start.

Melting Skull

If you are looking for an even scarier look this melting skin skull face may be perfect for you. Desi Perkins designed this spooky look using shadowing techniques and 3D flesh gel. While this look can seem daunting taking your time to properly highlight and shadow the skull can make this look 3D and realistic.

Valak from the Conjuring 2

Getting even scarier we've chosen this Valak from the Conjuring 2 movie. Makeup artist Courtney Little shows viewers a step by step guide on this halloween look. These piercing eyes will require contacts and pointing your teeth can be achieve with teeth enamel as shown in the video or by gluing on false teeth extensions.

La Llorona

This makeup look pulls in Mexican folklore with the character ‘la llorona’ or ‘weeping woman’. A woman who supposedly can be seen searching for her dead children- whom she killed. Crisspy takes you through this purple and pink crying llorona look that's sure to strike fear into those faint of heart. She takes her look the the next level with a dyed wig and a large flower crown.

Creepy Clown

This playful clown look is perfect for that big Halloween party this year. YouTube sensation Katie Michaelis turns a scary clown stunning in her creepy clown makeup tutorial. Her eye makeup is vibrant and just pops with color- especially with her white contacts. Try mixing other color combinations to create your own unique look.

Cheshire Cat

“We’re all quite mad here”

Our favorite giggling mysterious cat could make a huge comeback with makeup applications like this one from Amanda Ensing. She creates a jaw dropping look by focusing on the huge smiling mouth of the Cheshire Cat and a dramatic eye. You could add more to this look by adding pattern for. Your arms, neck, and shoulders. Don’t forget your tail!

Half Demon Pulled Skin Face

This frightening look imagines what it would be like if you had an inner demon inside that was fighting to get out. YouTube channel Nikkie Tutorials debuted this nightmare inducing look in 2016. Utilizing her killer contouring skills and a few special effects makeup tricks she creates this double faced illusion. Get creative and think of other faces you could put underneath.

Pennywise the Clown

If you love horror films such as Nightmare in Elm Street or Friday the 13th try this IT makeup look. Popular YouTube star and makeup guru James Charles brings life to this class with his IT makeup tutorial. Using a beautiful red and black Smokey eye he turns gives this look a sultry twist. Throwing on that huge clown ruff can really complete this simple yet scary look.

If you’re looking for more makeup ideas and tutorials keep an eye on our weekly blog! Happy Halloween and see you next week! Xoxo

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