The 10 Minute Everyday Makeup Routine

We had a ton of requests asking us to explain how we do our EVERYDAY MAKEUP, so i’m gonna show you!

The step by step process is so easy that you can do it in ten minutes! We’re going to show you the basic staples that you need, but you can swap them out with your favorite products.

everyday makeup routine

It’s first thing in the morning and Veronica is fresh faced. All she has done is wash her face and applied a moisturizing lotion so that her skin is not dry.




every day makeup routine 2

This doesn't always mean actual foundation. we prefer to use a moisturizing face cream to hydrate and protect the skin. if we’re looking a little pasty or pale, we use a tinted moisturizer. We apply it to the whole face. (but since we have our eyebrows tattooed we don’t apply it over the eyebrows or it will block the color.)

PROTIP. Wash your hands after this step!


every day makeup routine 3

After we apply foundation we use a mineral powder to set it in. Keep in mind that your skin absorbs everything, this is why we prefer to use natural products. Today we’re using a jane iredale powder with a puff on it.

It’s not our favorite product, we usually use a pressed powder with a brush, but we always suggest testing new products to find your favorite brand. some products you will like more, and some less. If we decide to use a full coverage powder, we may not even use a tinted moisturizer underneath.


Contour and Highlight

every day makeup routine 4

Soft bristled brushes are your best friend for creating an even, blended look.
When using blush, it's always important to make sure you blend under your cheekbones and chin to give yourself lovely definition along your cheeks and jawline. This will add so much color and life to your makeup look.

We don’t always highlight but it is a nice touch to apply a lighter, highlight shade above the cheekbones to give even more contrast and definition.


daily makeup routine 5

We really like tarte clay eyeshadow. It works really well and has all the neutral shades you would need.  We try to stay in the brown and ten shades for normal day to day looks. If we’re going out we’ll use the darker shades like blacks, greys and sometimes plum shades, depending on what i'm wearing.

We will be doing a simple SMOKEY EYE for this look. Apply your darkest shade to the lid of the eye first. When you blend, this is where your brushes will be your best friend. You want to blend your lighter shades where the dark shade meets your skin. This will give you a beautiful transition to get rid of the harsh line from dark shadow blended into your skin.

PROTIP: Good shadow will make a huge difference, but if your shadow is blotchy, you can apply a small amount of the lighter shade over top to even out your coverage.

This is a good standard approach, but keep in mind, it’s not the only way!



every day makeup routine 6

Start at the bottom and feather it in about two thirds of the way from the outside edge to give it a nice fade.

daily makeup routine 7

For the top of the eyes we love liquid liners. Apply it all the way across the lid. If you’re like Veronica and your eyelids are differently shaped or different sizes than each other, you can adjust the thickness of your liner to make your eyes look a little more even and uniform


daily makeup routine 8

We’ve tried many different brands of mascara, there are a lot of options from low end to high end products, but my favorite is a simple, inexpensive l’oreal carbon black. We keep coming back to it no matter how many brands we try.

False Eyelashes

daily makeup routine 9

For the top lashes, instead of using mascara we prefer to wear false eyelashes. My absolute favorites are the 3D faux mink lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club. You’ll want to make sure to trim your lashes to fit your eye beforehand to make applying them quick and easy (check out our how to tutorial on putting on fake eyelashes).. You’ll also need a good lash glue. After applying glue to your lashes, you always want to wait about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky, patience is a virtue.

PROTIP: Be extra careful not to get any eyelash glue on your clothes, it will stain fabric. veronica got some on my dress while making the video...she’s devastated. she loved that dress.



everyday makeup routine 10

We’re big fans of nude lip stain. nude shades are a beauty standard, and you can usually get away without using a lip liner. Today veronica’s using a nude Sephora stain but if you’re using a dark color like a burgundy or red, you’ll definitely want to use a liner. Also, apply chapstick beforehand will keep your lips from getting dry underneath.


every day makeup routine 11

Veronica’s eyebrows are semi-permanent tattoos so they are usually good to go. They’ve started to fade a bit so she decided to fill them in.

All Done

everyday makeup routine 12

The entire process generally takes me about 10 minutes, but we can do it faster if we decided to hit the snooze button for an extra ten minutes of sleep and had to hustle. Which is all too often in all honesty! LOL


try this look out yourself and let us know how it works for you in the comments! :)

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