Say Good-Bye To Dry Skin : DIY Face Scrub

Hi guys! Jessica here! This weeks video and blog is going to be all about how to take care of dry skin!

It’s very important to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Depending on your skin type, it might need to be done twice.

It’s important to note that your skin type changes from season to season. In the Summertime skin tends to become more combination. Maybe your T-zone gets a little oilier while your cheeks are normal or drier. Personally, I find my skin looks it’s best when I exfoliate twice a week (once with a light chemical exfoliant and once with a microbead exfoliant). It works well for keeping my skin looking nice and soft while maintaining healthy hydration and moisture.

In the Winter, skin tends to become drier, regardless of the climate (some locations will dry out the skin more than others). It can be nice to add a DIY face scrub to your regime for some extra exfoliation and moisture to keep your skin looking its best. It’s important not to over exfoliate because your skin does need its oils and some of the outer layer to protect itself.

PROTIP: DIY masks are great, but it’s still important to use products with active ingredients to detoxify and kill any bacteria that may be hiding on or in the skin.

Making a DIY Skincare Mask.

DIY Face Scrub 1

Today we’re gonna use pink Himalayan salt with a rose scent, but you can use whatever scent you want. This will give your scrub the texture you need to remove any flaky skin.

diy face scrub 2

We’re also going to use about a tablespoon of creamed honey. It’s very soft and easy to work with. You can use raw honey if you prefer, but it’s a lot harder to mix and spread onto your skin right from the jar. If you are using raw honey, you may want to get it slightly warm by rubbing it between your hands or by putting the jar into a bit of hot water for a couple minute. This will make the honey creamier and easier to work with. But make sure it isn’t too hot! You don’t want to burn yourself!

We love using honey for our masks because it is full of antioxidants, and antibacterial properties that are great for your skin, as well as your immune system. It’s also a great moisturizer and comes off very easily with water.

There’s no exact formula for making this mask, but using about a tablespoon of honey is enough to cover your whole face. We use a small palmful of salt or about a teaspoon. If you want to to be a bit more coarse, you can add a bit more salt.

diy face scrub 3

You’re simply going to mix the ingredients together and you’re ready to apply it to your skin!

PROTIP: apply the mask to your skin in an upwards circular motion. This will help to stimulate the skin and wake it up. Plus, why help gravity pull your skin down? #saynotosaggyskin

diy face scrub 4

diy face scrub 5

The mask is all applied! And it tastes great too! :)

It’s ok to rinse directly after you exfoliate, but you can also leave it on for a couple minutes and allow some time for the honey to moisturize your skin.

Let's See The Results!

diy face scrub 6

Now the mask is all rinsed off, the skin looks flawless and feels very smooth. We love the honey and salt mask because of how easily it rinses off, and how it leaves our skin feeling so supple and smooth.

You may see a slight redness after you rinse it off, but it’s totally normal and will go away in 5-10 minutes.

diy face scrub 7

Finish with a thin layer of your favorite tinted moisturizer for a flawless glow! Add a pair of stunning false eyelashes, lip gloss, and a little cheek contour to complete your look. 

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