Recipes for Healthy Skin and Hair: The Chocolate Strawberry Banana Shake

Jessica here! I’m back with another #healthyskinandhair recipe. Healthy skin and hair boil down to 2 elements:
1 - What you put in your body.
2 - What you put on your body.
The more natural, the better. Whether it’s food, hair products, or skincare: Be natural where you can. This shake is another way of getting your body the goodness it deserves. 

What You’ll Need to Make a Chocolate Strawberry Banana Shake

As I’ve mentioned before, don’t spend too much time worrying about your portions. Putting something good in is better than putting nothing in. You’ll find that your tastes may be different from mine! So adjust your ingredients accordingly.


1 - A scoop of plant protein powder.
2 - 6 squares of 99% dark chocolate.
3 - A combined cup of goji berries, hemp seed, and chia seeds.
4 - An organic banana.
 5- A bowl of strawberries.
 6 - A bowl of organic mixed greens.
 7 - Water.
I’d like to note that the reason why my measurements are a bit vague is that I want to encourage you to experiment! I’m a strong believer in ‘eye-balling’ measurements when it comes to shakes and smoothies.

Directions for Blending

1 - Add ingredients 1-6 into your blender.
2 - Fill the blender to the ingredient line with water.
3 - Blend on high for about a minute (or longer if needed).

Food for Thought:

These ingredients all have their own way of helping you create or maintain healthy skin and hair. Eating a variety of is a good rule of thumb for maintaining a balanced diet.
Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that will help your body fight off blemishes, where strawberries improve your immune system.
If you’re curious about learning more about the ingredients, read our previous blogs:
When it comes to choosing ingredients, try to stick with organic options for the most common foods. Ingredients like apples, bananas, and greens are eaten nearly everywhere! Meaning that non-organic options are likely a bit more toxic than more discreet fruits and vegetables like papayas or dragonfruit.
That’s it for today! If you have any questions or comments for your favourite one dollar lash club, ask us at @dollareyelashclub. Remember that you’re beautiful and brilliant! #ilive #ilove #ilash

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