Quick and Easy Tips to Bronze Yourself at the Beach

We’re here  with Jessica, and today she is going to show you how to do a beach makeup look. She is the kind of girl who doesn’t go anywhere without a bit of contour, and a beach vacation is no exception!

There’s a couple challenges that come with travelling to those great destinations like Cabo San Lucas and elsewhere, and the biggest challenge is packing luggage! Jessica always tries to pack light. If she’s going for ten days, chances are she can fit everything she needs in a carry on. Can you imagine? So when it comes to makeup, it’s down to the bare essentials! Just because you are travelling light, doesn’t mean you can’t look good while doing it.

A challenge of traveling to the tropics is that some people tan very quickly and Jessica is one of them. Jessica is going to show you how she does her makeup for the beach to help you keep your vacation look on point and stay selfie ready with limited supplies.

Jessica’s Beach Makeup Kit:

beach makeup 1

Eye Shadow Primer


beach makeup 2



beach makeup 3

Loose Powder

Creating the Look

When creating a beach makeup look, the goal is to create a  natural sunkissed makeup look, without looking overdone. The keyword here is “subtlety”. 

beach makeup 4

Starting from the center of the eyelid, Jessica applies her Jane Iredale eyeshadow primer, blending a small amount upward and outward to create a sheer layer of primer.

PRO TIP: Jessica is now darker from sitting in the sun. Her eyeshadow primer is noticeably lighter than her skin tone. Eyeshadow just needs a bit of tack to stick to the eye so a sheer layer is more than enough. She’s applying a really sheer layer so that her eye doesn’t look too ‘white’.

beach makeup 5

She blends the primer into the inner corners as well. The goal here is to create a nice even tone on the eyelid.

PRO TIP: Jane Iredale eyeshadow primer is nice and light and creamy. Don’t be afraid to apply a little bit extra on the inner corners. This will create a very subtle highlight to this bright sunny look.

beach makeup 6

With the primer applied you can clearly see that the primer is lighter than her skin color.

beach makeup 7

She applies the primer to the other eyelid using the same method.

beach makeup 8

beach makeup 9

Next, Jessica is going to darken the look of her eye shadow primer so that it matches her skin color. She’s going to do that by applying some of her loose powder (that matches her skin color) on to her eyelid by gently patting it on with a flat brush. She’s going to pack on a little extra of this loose powder in her crease. This will help to create a subtle but defined look by creating the illusion of a shadow where her crease line would normally be.

beach makeup 10

You can already see the added definition that this technique gives to this natural makeup look.

beach makeup 11

beach makeup 12

Next, using a medium, soft-bristled brush she will apply bronzer as a her crease color.

beach makeup 13

Applying bronzer to the crease adds even more definition and creates an even, diffused transition for this beach makeup look

PRO TIP: Use the same color to contour your eye as you use to contour your face. This will create the most natural looking facial definition.

beach makeup 14

Be sure to really blend the color out well. The trick is to create a gradual color transition, rather than a stark contrast and hard lines. You want this to look seamless.

beach makeup 15

The final touch is a must for any makeup look, Jessica’s favorite, the Man Eater style from Dollar Eyelash Club. This is an amazing lash subscription service that delivers one dollar lashes right to your door.

beach makeup 15

Jessica has longer eyes so she didn’t need to trim the lashes to fit her eye. It is important to trim your  lashes before wearing them them to ensure a natural look and fit. Check out this blog if you don’t know how to properly apply false lashes.

beach makeup 16

Finally, Jessica applies a bit of eyeliner on the top lash line.

beach makeup 17

A bit of mascara on the bottom lashes to put the finishing touch on this simple, bronzy look.

beach makeup 17

The final look? Fabulous as always. This is a great look for the beach, and even for a night at the best local bars around your vacation location.

beach makeup 18

If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave a like and subscribe @dollareyelashclub. Stay tuned for a new video every week! See ya next time! <3

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