Pros VS Cons: Permanent Makeup?

Today, on social media, you’ll see thousands of pictures of celebrities and women that have undergone surgeries or cosmetic enhancements, such as lip or cheek fillers, full brows, eyeliner, or lip color stain. Permanent makeup is becoming famous for enhancing features, such as brows, lash lines, and lips. 

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup could be a solution for you if you’ve ever woken up in the morning and wished up didn’t have to put on your makeup. Permanent makeup is the implanting of dyes or pigments to the first layer of skin that helps enhance features, most popular being eyebrows, lash line, and lips. Permanent makeup looks like real makeup that you would typically apply, and as it suggests, this makeup does not need to be removed and reapplied every day. You can wake up, and your makeup is still perfect. 

A standard permanent makeup procedure is microblading that fills your brows, so they always look full and put together. The process of permanent makeup, called micro-pigmentation, is similar to tattooing, but is a more delicate and tailored procedure because of the sensitivity of the area. During micro-pigmentation, a technician or doctor will apply an anesthetic to the area of the face having the process. The anesthetic numbs a person’s face to make it easier for a technician to complete their work. 

Pros and Cons of Permanent Makeup

Getting ready in the morning can take up some time, mainly depending on your routine. Having permanent makeup, such as eyebrows and eyeliner, can take steps and time out of your routine in the morning. 

Before deciding on getting permanent makeup done, it is crucial to understand all the procedures. The procedure of permanent makeup is non-invasive, and the most popular methods offered are permanent eyebrows (microblading), permanent eyeliner, permanent lip color, and eyelash extension. 

The Pros

The enhancements of permanent makeup are supposed to be subtle. It can be a benefit for people who suffer from allergies to makeup, have limitations, or impairments that make it challenging for them to apply their makeup. 

  • Permanent eyeliner -  a lot of time is spent on perfecting eyeliner for your day, whereas permanent eyeliner can save time and keep your makeup fresh at all times. Having permanent eyeliner can save you a few minutes in your morning, that could go towards sleeping in, or enjoying your coffee. 
  • Permanent eyebrows – getting permanent eyebrows is beneficial to anyone with uneven or thinner eyebrows. Permanent eyebrows provide a perfect solution for making your brows look full and polished. Using this procedure gives individuals even eyebrows on both sides, and saves time from filling your brows every morning.


  • Permanent lip makeup – individuals choose to get permanent lip color to help with defects that may appear on the lips, such as discoloration, or any scars. Someone self-conscious of the appearance of their lips do feel more confident with permanent lip color. 

The Cons

Permanent makeup can have a lot of benefits, but it is also essential to make sure you are using an expert technician, as you are having a permanent procedure done to your face. A significant risk is being unhappy with the result, so it is critical to make sure you are using a technician with experience. 

  • Permanent eyeliner – a con of permanent makeup is that it is permanent, and it can make wanting to change your eyeliner styles hard, such as wanting to do a cat-eye from a natural permanent eyeliner. The permanent makeup does fade over time, which can lead to having to redo the makeup procedure. 


  • Permanent eyebrows – permanent eyebrows have many benefits. However, one con is the change in eyebrow styles, so if you like being up to date with beauty trends, getting permanent eyebrows might not be the best idea for you.

  • Permanent lip makeup – as all permanent makeup, a con is that it is permanent. When getting your lips color done, the most important item is choosing a color you can live with every day. With permanent lips, you can experience infections, or blisters from the procedure.  

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