Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering

If you’ve followed the nvenn channel, then you know that jessica has done her own lips and eyeliner on the @nvennhairbeauty channel. Today, she’s going to show us how eyebrow feathering is done.

As a permenant makeup artist, we get a lot of questions about eyebrow tattoos.  That inspired us to do a series where in addition to touching up Jessica’s makeup, we share the process with those who are interested in permanent makeup, but aren’t sure how the process works.

It’s about 2 years since the last time jessica did her eyebrows.  She’s been wearing them colored in, so despite how they look in the camera- they are very faded.  This has been incredibly annoying for 2 reasons:

  1. We’re in the heart of summer and if she wipes sweat from my brow, she’s going to take the eyebrow pencil with me.
  2. She’s short.  So hugging friends and family can quickly turn to sharing the eyebrow color to their shirt.

Before we jump into showing you the process, we want to take a moment to write a warning:


DO NOT try this at home.  If you box dye your hair, you can go to the salon and they can fix it.  If you mess up while tattooing your face, that’s a much bigger problem.

Let’s jump into it.

Creating the Color

We’re going to start by sanitizing the area once, twice, and a third time.  To create the color of my ink, we’ve chosen half chocolate, half gray, and two generous drops of olive.  That green base is to help neutralize out some of the red tones that will come to the surface as my eyebrows start to fade in color.

Tattooing my Eyebrows

We’ve chosen to use a three prong round needle and adjusted the needle to about a millimeter. We’ve put a bit of freezing on the brows, but not enough to numb it entirely because jessica does want to be able to feel what she’s doing.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 1

The key to the feathering technique is that you want your needle to travel in the same direction as the hair growth. At the head of the brow, your needle will point upwards. the middle of the brow will be more straight motions. Towards the tail end, you will want to point your strokes slightly downwards.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 2

Then we repeat the process on the opposite side.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 3

Once we’ve completed both sides, we’ll check them closely to ensure i’ve covered everything before moving on to the healing process.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 4

Initially, they’ll look very dark.  But that’s okay! Over the next few days, jessica’s eyebrows are going to lose 30% of their color while they heal.


The Healing Process

Directly after, we’re going to apply antibacterial ointment to protect them.  We’ll do that again tomorrow but after that, all jessica needs to do is keep her brows lubricated.

It will take 7-10 days to lose some of the color.  Despite the fact that they’ll look ready to go, they’ll actually take 4-6 weeks to fully heal.  That’s why we recommend that anyone who’s gotten permanent makeup done:

  • Avoid lots of direct sunlight.  This will make your ink fade faster.
  • Do not rip off any of the scabs or scratch your brows.

Day 1

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 5

On day 1, Jessica’s brows are looking a tad dark and shiny. that’s largely due to the antibacterial ointment she used this morning.  as we mentioned before, this is the last day she’ll be using it.  

from here on out, she’s  going to use coconut oil or organic chapstick to keep them lubricated during the healing process.  


Day 3

on day 3, all of the tenderness is gone from the brows.  they’re starting to scab a bit, but she’s only had to apply a lubricant 2-3 times a day.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 6

Day 4

Her eyebrows have now scabbed over completely.  They look a lot lighter.  This is where it gets tempting to pick it off- but don’t! The scabs will fall off naturally when they’re ready.  if you pick them off prematurely,  you run the risk of them healing patchy.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 7

Day 6

At this point, all of the scabbing has fallen off her brows.  they will continue to lose color over the course of the next couple days, but this is extremely close to the color they’re going to be.

Permanent Makeup: Doing Eyebrow Feathering 8


Make sure to keep them hydrated throughout the rest of the healing process.  

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