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Hey beauty activists. So it's December now. So I get to say happy holidays and guess what? There's no better thing in Christmas time than new lashes. So we're announcing our brand new lashes that we're launching. These are luxury 3d foaming clashes, and they are amazing! I love them so much. Right now I have our drama queen lashes on, so check them out. They're awesome. They're are bold lash, but they're still very natural. So I'm going to go through and show you all of our lashes and what they look like, how the styles work, and what is so awesome about these lashes.

Drama Queen Lashes

So first let's start with the drama queen, the ones that I'm wearing. So like I said, these are still a bold lash. All of them are going to be a little bit more bold. It has a beautiful 3d effect. Okay. What's awesome about these lashes is that they are going to be a little bit more natural of our 3d lashes. So I really like them because they're not as long. I need a little bit of a shorter lash on my eye.

Beach Babe

Okay. So you can check them out. Next, working our way up. We have the beach babe. So, this is going to be a little bit more of a natural lash just because they are not as dense. Okay. You can see they're not as compact in terms of how much lashes they are. So still though they have a little bit more length.

Great 3d effect, so a really great one to try. Again, if you have thick lashes already, but you just want to accentuate them. These ones are great natural looking one.


Next, we have the bombshell. So this is going to be a similar effect to the drama queen, so it's a very wispy lash grade 3d. This is going to be a little bit more of a bold lash rather than the drama queen. It's going to be longer all the way across, a little bit less taper. We really have no taper in them at all, so this is going to be starting to get more dramatic. So if you want a longer, bolder lash, this is a great one for you.

Smoke Show

Last, our smoke show lash; so by far our most dramatic, most bold, most voluminous lash that we have. If you take a look at it, very, very dense in the lashes, again, great 3d rather than the bombshell over here, you're gonna have less 3d going on.

And again, this is going to be if you want bold, big, beautiful lashes, these are your guys that you're going to go with. So these 3d lashes are a very high-quality lash, so you'll get a lot of wear out of them. You honestly can wear these for up to three weeks. The disclaimer though is that we suggest that you change your lashes week for hygienic purposes. So keep those eyes clean.

But for me, before I went to Belize, I didn't change my lashes. I brought an extra pair assuming that I'd wreck them and I'd have to change them while I was down there. I never changed them for over three weeks, and so it was probably three and a half weeks cause I didn't change them until I got back; and I was in the jungle, I was on the beach. And I know what you're thinking. Yes, in the jungle and on the beach, I wore my lashes every single day. So if you're taking care of them, these guys will last you a long time.

Great Prices

Normally, lashes like this would cost you 30 to 40 dollars a pair, so we have our lashes priced so well that you do not have to worry about changing your lashes every week; and you can feel good about having a fresh clean pair all the time. So, the whole four pack is actually $40 for the full four pack if you just want to get it one time.

But, if you want to go on our membership, which is going to get sent to you whenever you want, you're actually gonna get them at $28 for all four pairs. That is a steal for these kinds of lashes. And the great thing about our membership is that you get to set how often you want them shipped to you.

If you want them every four weeks, great. If you want them every five, six, eight weeks, you guys get to decide how often you get the lashes. Also, you don't have to worry about not having lashes. We've all been there before where we have slept on a lash, we've cried them off, we've lost one, and we're stuck without having lashes.

Now when you get them shipped to your door, you're going to have them ready to go all the time and you're never going to be caught without a pair. So jump on, try these lashes guys. They're amazing. I'm going to show you guys the actual lash. So look how 3d they are. The band is designed to be the perfect band to help you easily put them on. So it has good strength in the band, but it's very flexible and very pliable. So it's going to be very easy for you to put the lash on.


And if you're a new lash where you're gonna love this; it's going to be a lot easier to put on with a very flimsy, flexible band. So, this one is going to be easier for you. So go check out the, they are amazing lashes. We just launched them. They've already been flying off the shelves. So I'm going to put a promo code for you on the bottom.

Free Shipping

The greatest part about these lashes to you guys is that there's free shipping in Canada and the US, so you don't even have to worry about shipping. They're going to go right to you and we guarantee our lashes. So, if you're not happy with your lashes, try them risk-free; you let us know if you're not happy and we will make sure to take care of you. Okay? So if you guys have any questions about it, leave a comment below.

If you guys have a lash style that you absolutely love and you'd like to see us carry, also let us know, and we're looking to expand the line more. We have tons of people purchasing lashes all over North America, but we've had requests for Asia, Australia, South America, Europe. So guys, we are working on moving across the world. And thank you so much for all your support. I really appreciate it.

Other than that, guys hit that little bell. Subscribe to the channel. We're putting out videos all the time with lash announcements. Beauty tips, makeup tutorials. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and I guess I'll see you guys next time. Bye beauty activists! Live. Lash. Love!

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