Must Know Tips for Picking The Best False Lashes for Asian Eyes

Hey guys, Happy New Years! Today I’m here to talk about how to choose the right pair of lashes for asian eyes.

I get this question all the time because every makeup artist knows that doing Asian makeup is very different than doing makeup for anyone else. The reason is that we have a different eye shape. One of the things that is very common with Asian eyes is the monolid. The monolid is one with little to no crease.

I actually have two different eyelid shapes. If you take a look at my eyes, the left eye has a small crease,and the right is a full monolid. My left eye actually looks like it opens a bit bigger than my right. When I put on fake lashes, I need a lash that will work on both eyes.

What the Right Pair of Falsies Should Look Like (+ What You Need to Know About Asian Eyes)

You can use lashes to create the illusion of symmetry when you choose the right pair. The right lashes will balance your eyes out.

I have lashes on in the photo above and you can see how it balances my eyes out. It actually looks like my eyes are the same shape.

That’s what the perfect pair of lashes will do! I’m using the Bar Star #207- 3D Faux Mink Lashes - my favorite daily go-to lash.

People of Asian descent typically have faces that are slightly flatter. Our facial structures tend to not have a huge bridge for our nose, and our eyes sit pretty level with our face.

Depending on how flat the face is, lashes can easily look too long and/ or have too much of a curl. Lashes that are too long can fold up and touch the eyelid which can look a little bit crazy.

PRO TIP: These are just generalized statements. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. There will be some people that have more structure to their faces and also people that have more defined eye creases. For instance, Jessica and I have very similar facial features, but our eyes are very different. Her eyes are rounder. longer and she also has more of a crease. Because her eyes are wider and she has more of an ‘open’ eye than I do, she can wear lashes that are longer and fuller than I can and they still look pretty natural.

The 5 Steps to Picking the Perfect False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes

#1 Length

The length of lashes can vary a lot. Jessica and I always say that there is a lash for every occasion, so choose your lashes accordingly.

First, let’s compare these 2 lashes. They are similar in density and how the band lays, but they are very different in lash length. Obviously the longer the lash, the more dramatic it’s going to be.

These two lashes are drastically different in length. Here’s the difference.

These are The Tease Please #105   lashes. They are not as dense as The Bar Star #207-3D Faux Mink lashes, so they look more natural. That being said, these lashes are a bit too long for my eyes so it looks like the lashes are flipped upwards because of where the curl on the lashes sit.

These next lashes are the Hopeless Romantics #110 and they are a shorter lash. I refer to them as ‘a baby lash’ because they are quite short in length. This is definitely going to be the most natural looking.

The Hopeless Romantics #110 are good for anyone that has smaller eyes that are more monolid. When the eye is flatter and smaller anything too long would look extremely fake. The Hopeless Romantic #110 would give the eyes nice definition without being too over the top.

#2 Curl

The second thing you are going to assess is the “curl”. This refers to how much the lash curls upwards. Some lashes will have more of curl than others. With how Veronica’s eyes are shaped, less of a curl is better.

Here I have the The Hot Mess #wsp lash and The Man Eater #wsp-3D faux mink lashes. These are some of me and Jessica’s favorites! They are both longer lashes that have quite a bit of curl. Man Eater #WSP-3D has more of a curl than Hot Mess #WSP. Man eater #WSP-3D does not work well for me for this reason.

Here you can see the Man Eater #wsp-3D faux mink are very voluminous. I get that “deer in the headlight” look because they are so long on me.

Jessica on the other hand can wear them just fine. In fact, they are her favorite lash to wear.

Also look at how they sit on my uneven eye shapes. My left eye looks bigger, and my right eye looks smaller and droopier. So this lash does not work very well for evening out my eye shape.

The Hot Mess #WSP lash are more wispy than dense. They look more natural than The Man Eater on me but the length weighs down my eyes causing them to look a bit droopy.

My favorites on myself are The Bar Star #207-3D faux mink and The Princess #101-3D faux mink

The Princess and Bar Star are a little denser than the other lashes in the 3D faux mink line. That being said, they don’t have as much of a curl as The Man Eater and The Hot Mess.

The Bar Star #207-3D faux mink are my favorite lashes! The lash hairs are laid out in a criss-cross woven pattern. They have less of a curl so they look dramatic yet natural on Veronica.

The Princess #101-3D faux mink lashes are really great for my eye shape too. They give a dramatic finish because of the fullness and they don’t make the eye look droopy. The way the lash hairs are curled actually help to open up the eye, making them appear larger.

Looking at all of the lashes side by side, you can see the difference between all of them. We have the flattest lash on the top and the one with the most curl on the bottom.

#3 Style

There are many different styles of lashes out there. Some of them are crisscrossed, some of them are straighter, some are more 3D,etc. The way the lash hairs are laid out from the lash band will change what the lashes look like on.

#4 Density

The density is how compact the lashes are on the band, or how close the lash hairs are to one another. If you are looking for a more natural look, you want a lash that is more sparse (less dense). If you are looking for a bolder/ more dramatic look, choose a lash where the hairs are closer together.

Going from from left to right we have ‘The man Eater’, ‘The Bar Star’, ‘The Hot Mess’ and ‘The Tease Please’. Looking at these lashes side by side makes it easy to tell which ones will look more natural vs. more dramatic.

#5 Shape

There are a few different lash shapes out there. There are lashes that are tapered on the inside and longer on the outside, lashes that are longer in the center and tapered on both edges and uniform lashes that are the same length all the way around.

The Dirty Flirt #DW-3D faux mink on the right, is a lash that is tapered in on the inside and elongates towards the outside edge. The Man Eater #WSP-3D faux mink is more of a uniform lash. It is a tiny bit shorter on the inner and outer corners but not by much.

PRO TIP: When picking your lashes, think about what it is that you are wanting to accentuate. Where you have ‘the length in the lash’ is the part of the eye that will be accentuated. This means that if a lash that is longer at the end the eye, the eye will be elongated and the outer corner will look wider. If a lash that is longer in the center, it’ll make the eye open up in the center giving the eye a rounder appearance.

The Dirty Flirt #DW-3D faux mink lashes are very natural looking, so can be worn on many different eye shapes. These work great for Asian face shapes because they aren’t too long and the tapered outer corner helps to give an artificial eye lift.

Pro Tip: they work great for people that wear glasses!

The Lady Boss #DW lashes are a more natural looking lash. These lashes are great for anyone that has flatter eyes; the shorter the lash the less curl it’s going to have because there is less length for it to curl.

The Queen Bee lash is a dramatic and bold looking lash. This lash actually fits my eye fairly well because it has less of a curl. I still get that dramatic look without looking like my lashes are tilted upwards. This is a good lash for Asian eyes that want a more dramatic finish.

Wrapping up

Alright, there you guys have it! That’s how to choose lashes for Asian eyes. Take these key points with you for the future.

Remember, these are just generalizations! There will always be exceptions among different cultures. There is not a “one size fits all” for Asian eyelashes.

Basically, the larger the eye, the longer the lash can be without looking overly dramatic. Shorter lengths are more forgiving so you can always start there if you are unsure which style to choose.

Whether you want a bold and dramatic finish or a soft and natural finish is truly your personal preference. Both Jessica and Veronica switch up their styles depending on the occasion so don’t be afraid to play around.

If anyone has any questions, please leave a comment and we will answer you as soon as possible. Subscribe to @dollareyelashclub to catch our new videos on the first friday of every month. Also remember to head over to and check out the selection of lashes we carry. Prices are as low as a dollar a pair.

Go out and ‘live, love, and lash’ your hearts out and we will see you guys next time XOXO.

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