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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and one might feel overwhelmed about what to give a wonderful Mom on her special day. There is no need to worry because I have the perfect list of gift ideas to choose from. Any of these ideas will be sure to make any Mother happy this Mother’s day

Self-care KitCredit: Dermstore

Who doesn’t need a little self-care? This mother’s day, choose to make a nice little relaxation kit. The kit could include a hair mask, face mask, sugar scrub, a bottle of wine, etc. Anything that you think would make mom feel pampered and loved should be in this kit. After all, moms did take care of us, let’s take care of them

Quality time

Credit: Style me pretty

There is nothing better than spending some much-needed quality time with Mom. Cooking a meal, whether it’s brunch or dinner can be a great way to spend Mother’s day and save money. We could take a look for a great new recipe to try online or select a family recipe that is a tradition. Whichever route you choose, a great Mother’s day will be the outcome.

Cupcake bouquet

Credit: Inspire homecare

Don’t get me wrong; I love flowers. But they always end up dying way too soon. Why not incorporate a sweet tooth into the mix?

All I would have to do is get long thick sticks, that will symbolize the stems. Then, decorate the cupcakes in whatever colors you or mom would love. To make it even more lovely, I could add a flower design on the top part of the cupcake.

After everything has cooled and decorated, it's time to stick the bottom of the cupcake into the sticks. Once they are all together, bunch up the middle of the ‘stems’ and tie a ribbon with decorative paper. Then it's ready to present to mom!

A trip down memory lane

Credit: Working mother

Whether it’s a handmade photo frame or a whole album, everyone’s mom is going to appreciate the time and the nostalgia put into the gift. If you have one special photograph to showcase, opt for the handmade photo frame. The frame can be decorated with paint, glitter, appliques and anything else you can find! Design it any way that you think your mother would love.

On the other hand, if I find a bunch of photos, I could make the photo album. I can quickly go to my local craft store, get a simple photo album and can make it my own. All that would need to be done is to slip the photos in and decorate the front of the album.

The great thing about this gift idea is that you entirely personalize it for mom!

Cruelty-free haircare

Credit: Good Housekeeping

Your mother is so beautiful, and you'd love to help her natural beauty shine through this Mother's Day and every other day. While helping her look and feel even more lovely, you can also educate her on the importance of where and how your beauty products are made. What better way to start that knowledge journey then to gift her cruelty-free haircare?

Nvenn’s 'split end trio' is a great kit for her to start her journey into more conscious hair care. Nvenn is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. The styling kit prevents, repairs, and seals split ends. Plus it is excellent for all hair types. Made from full organic sea kelp extract, 70 trace minerals, amino acids, and pure essential oils- it's clean and healthy for moms locks.

365 reason why you love your mom

Credit: Southern living

This gift is not going to be thrown together in one evening. But the amount of work that goes into this gift is sure to make any Mom melt with happiness.

All I would need for this gift idea is card stock, ribbon, and a hole puncher. Cut 183 pieces of paper and write on the front and back of each sheet a reason on why you love your mom. After hole punching them, run the ribbon through all of the layers and tie a knot.

Mom's emergency stash of her favorite snacks

Credit: Elisabeth McKnight

Getting a bunch of someone’s favorite snacks together is a wonderful and simple way to show your love. Especially, when it shows that one pays attention. All you need is a cute basket, and a quick run to the supermarket to gather some of Mom’s favorite snacks. This gift is perfect for a last minute gift idea.

Spa Day

Credit: Mom clone

There’s no need to even step into a spa for this idea. All I need is to set up some nail polish, some sheet masks, and some soothing music. Plus, while I am chilling and relaxing with my Mom, it’s a perfect time to get some much-needed bonding time.


Credit: My kind of sweet

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! But honestly, any jewelry item given by a loved one should be your ‘best friend.’ It shows that I can understand my mom’s taste in jewelry and fashion which shows her just how much I pay attention to her preferences.

Mom’s night out

Credit: Whats up life

This idea has to be one of my favorites. I can gather some gift cards for dinner, book a uber, and get some lashes from Dollar eyelash club for mom and me. We enjoy good food and walk around downtown stopping in at little shops and boutiques. Then we stop later at our favorite ice cream place for a late night snack or even step into a few clubs and bars and dance the night away! I can also go above and beyond, and get the supplies for mimosas for the morning after. Super fun and a night you will be talking about for years to come.

Which gift will you pick?

This guide is sure to help you become prepared for this upcoming Mother’s day. Let’s treat our moms with all the love they deserve this year.

Thanks for reading our blog this week! Make sure to visit our online store to select the perfect lash for your mom. If you have any questions or comments, make sure to reach out @dollareyelashclub


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