Modern Wedding Makeup - Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Day

Your wedding day! By far one of the most important events throughout your life. It's a day of love and happiness and everyone from your families and friends will have their eyes on you. Not surprisingly- you may be stressing over how to look your absolute best on your big day. With a few times and tricks you can create a bridal look tailored to you that will last the whole day through.

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Stay Hydrated

Before the wedding day it is important to supply your body with the water it needs. Proper hydration is not only great for your overall health, it can make your makeup application easier. Your body needs LOTS of water to survive and even more water if you are trying to fix issues. Try to get in 8 or more cups a day. This can provide moisture to your face, balance out your skin tone and help heal imperfections faster.

ALWAYS Have a Trial, or Two

Whether you are a bride who is choosing to apply their own make-up or an artist doing a bridal application, practice runs are very important. “Practice makes perfect” as the saying goes. Most artists will offer a reduced or free trial with your bridal make up package. Use this to your advantage! Schedule your trial a few months to a month before your big day. You could do it on the day of your bridal shower, a nice date out with your future husband or just a day you'd like to feel flawless. You get a good feel of what your face will feel like the day of your wedding. This also gives you or your make up artist time that isn't rushed to understand your face and what looks best on it.

Primer is Essential to Longevity

Let's face it, your wedding day is one of the longest days of your life. Your makeup needs to last that whole day too! For makeup that stays through sweat, tears, smile creases you need to start with a good primer. While primers are not necessary for everyday makeup the coverage it provides is needed for that flawless bridal look.

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A New Foundation

A few weeks before your wedding you should head to your local beauty store and pick out a new foundation. You want to try out your foundation a few times before your big day as well. You can get a feel for how well it lasts as well as how it mixes with your skin type. This is your big day so take a good amount of time deciding which foundation is best for your goal for your look, and your skin type.

No SPF Foundation

Ever seen a bride whose photos made her face look stock white- like a ghost? Not exactly how you’d like to remember your big day. You can avoid this by not only choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone. However, you also want to be sure to avoid a foundation with a high SPF content. The goal of SPF is to reflect light in order to protect your skin from it. Unfortunately it does this with flash from cameras as well. Stick below 20 SPF and you should avoid this

Careful with the Highlighter

The goal for many brides is to have that “glow from with” look. With new hightlers coming out every month its a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. Just keep in mind that you are not going to want a shimmery, high light reflective highlighter. You want to have a natural sheen so find a highlighter with minimal shimmer. For many brides, highlighter is not in their daily makeup regimmin. Because of this, stick with only a light application- especially on your nose. Too much highlighter can make the bride look cartoon-like and her makeup can look over worked.

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Keep the Kisses Clean

A nice subtle colored lip is classic to the modern bride. When working on a brides lips it is always important to use long wear products. Not only do you want the color to last on your lips, you do not want your color transfering to your glasses, guests during greetings, or your dress! For a worry- free day go for a lip stain because of its ability to adhere to the lips and not rub off. Regardless of a stick or stain be sure to run a few tests on your own skin and clothing items to be sure it won't rub off in your guests as you greet them.

Go For a Timeless Look


For this special event you want to exude beauty and elegance while still having a more natural look. Most modern day brides ask for a timeless look that accentuates their natural beauty. Gentle nude, peach or golden hues on the eyes can provide the definition of a smoky eye without the intense saturation. The lip should follow this same principle as well. Stick to a pink or peach hue ass opposed to a deep red. You can always go with a bold lip if it fits your weddings colors and theme. However, to create the popular wedding look of today, it is best to stick with a lighter hue.

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