Lash Hygiene: How to Use False Eyelashes 101

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False eyelashes are a girl’s best friend.  Not only are they a quick way to get a gorgeous look, they’re virtually pain-free and don’t cost an arm and a leg to use.  That being said, there are plenty of ways that false eyelashes can harm your eyes if you’re not careful.  Much like your makeup brushes and mascara, lashes have their own rules for safe use.

Here are the 3 most common issues people face when using false eyelashes and how to avoid them:

  1. Allergic Reactions or Irritations

Typically, false eyelashes are made from synthetic materials, animal hair, or human hair.  If you’re allergic to cats and dogs, you may want to stray away from animal hair.  If you’re looking for cruelty-free lashes, you should always snag a pair of synthetics. Your preference should take your individual needs into account.  At the end of the day, anyone can be allergic to anything.

In some cases, people who wear fake eyelashes can experience adverse reactions to the materials the lashes are made from or the glue used to adhere the lashes. If you have especially sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to look into the glue you’re buying (or the glue that’s coming in the package).  No matter what glue you decide to use… Read the label.  Some types of lash glue may contain formaldehyde and other irritants that either trigger allergic reactions or irritate your eyes.

  1. Eye Hygiene Risks

Overworn lashes can trap dirt, makeup particles, and bacteria that cause harm to the eyelids or eyes.  At the very worst, dirty fake eyelashes can send you to the doctor for an eye infection. Before you apply your false eyelashes, take the time to clean your eyes.  Remove any residual makeup from the night before and take the time to wash your eyes.  

Long story short? Always make sure you’re starting with a clean canvas :)

If you intend to wear your false eyelashes more than once, you need to take the time to remove any residual glue.  Never re-apply glue to uncleaned lashes.  

Quick Guide: How to Clean False Eyelashes

  1. Remove your lashes and set them aside.
  2. Wash your hands.
  3. Soak a cotton swab with your makeup remover of choice.  (That includes coconut oil.)
  4. Move the swab along the threading of the lashes and continue until the makeup and adhesive begins to soften and strip.
  5. Use tweezers to remove any of the remaining glue.  Use one hand to hold the lashes and the other to pull the glue away.  Pull softly and be sure to pull only the glue, as tweezers can damage the threading of the lashes.

  1. Damage to Natural Lashes

If you’ve taken the time to follow our false eyelash guidelines up to this point, damage to your natural lashes shouldn’t be too large of a threat.  However, there are other important aspects of wearing fake eyelashes to note:

You should never rip or pull your lashes off.  Doing so can damage the follicles of your natural lashes and cause your natural lashes to fall out.  In some cases, the effect of traumatized eyelash follicles stops natural lashes from growing back.

How Many Times Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?

If you’re using false eyelashes every day (or even a couple of times a week), make sure that you change to a new set of lashes every week.  Switching to a new pair every week or so will ensure that you’ve always got a fresh look and eliminate the changes of any build-up making it’s way into your eyes.  False eyelashes aren’t made to last for months at a time.  The more you change your lashes, the better.  At the very minimum, you should change your lashes at least once a week.  Change them twice if you're really concerned about being safe :) 

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