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#iTravel: Tips for Traveling Light

How to pack light when travelling 1

Jessica here! :) I love to travel. Over the years, I’ve learned that traveling light is one of the best ways to ensure smooth sailing during your trip. You don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe with you to look fabulous, you just have to pack smart ;)

1) Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding Them. You Can Pack so Much More.

how to pack light when travelling 2

Whether I pack heavy or light, rolling my clothing is going to maximize my space. So rather than folding all of your clothing in the common square shape, roll them into a cylinder shape.

First, I fold the clothing into a long rectangle and start tightly rolling the article of clothing. This is going to give me more space or allow me to use a smaller piece of luggage.

2) Travel with Neutrals That You can Mix and Match and Layer, So That You Don't Run Out of Outfits

how to pack light when travelling

When selecting clothing for a trip, it’s always best to pack neutral pieces that all work together. So this means, jeans, a white T-shirt, a little black dress, etc. Not only will I look put together, But I also avoid taking unnecessary items that I might not even wear.

When traveling with more neutral items, it’s easier to mix and match your clothing. I end up having almost an endless supply of outfits when packing this way.

3) Colored Lipsticks are a Great Way to Make Your Outfits Pop

How to pack light for vacation 4

Instead of adding extra items to my luggage, I choose to bring a colored lipstick or two. Not only will it brighten up a look, but it also makes me look more polished.

Using the previous tip and packing more neutral clothing and pairing it with a bold lip is a great look. It will leave you feeling put together and ready for anything your day throws at you.

4) Bring a Hat with You on Tropical vacations. It Saves Your Hair and Your Color

How to pack light while travelling - bring a hat

Taking care of my hair is definitely a priority. When I travel to a tropical location and I am going to be in direct sunlight, I always pack a sun hat. We pack sunscreen to protect our skin, but what about our hair that we spend our time and energy to maintain. It seems only right to take some thought in saving my hair from the harsh sunlight.

5) Pack Coconut Oil - It Can Be Used as a Moisturizer, Makeup Remover, Mouthwash, and it Even Has a Slight SPF

pack coconut oil while travelling

I always look to maximize my products when traveling. The more multipurpose products I bring, the fewer items I need to pack. For example, coconut oil is the holy grail of multipurpose products. I never travel without it.

Coconut oil even has a light SPF. Even though we should probably use sunscreen with more protectant, coconut oil blocks twenty percent of the sun’s rays. So in a pinch, I can definitely use coconut oil as a backup sunscreen.

6) Need an Emergency Exfoliation? Run to the Store and Grab Yourself Some Honey and Raw Salt and You Can Do a DIY Mask.

salt and honey exfoliant mask

I try to avoid packing extra products by purchasing the items at my destination. For example, if I need to exfoliate my skin and chose to not pack one, I can just run to the store and pick up the items for a DIY mask.

Using these natural products will not only save my budget but will also leave out extra additives that other skin care products have.

We recently did a whole blog dedicated to DIY masks , take a look for the recipes.

7) Always Pack Different Lashes for Different Occasions.

lashes for every occasion

We select different outfits for different occasions so shouldn't we do the same for our lashes?

So before I leave before my many trips,I always grab a selection of lashes and match them with my travel plans.

Being that the Hopeless Romantic has a more natural look, these would be great more a beach day or even a stroll around the city during the day.

The Lady Boss adds a little bit more lash than the Hopeless romantic, so these are perfect for a nice day that needs something a little extra.

Whenever I travel and have time for evening events I tend to stick with the Maneater lash. They add so much volume and make me feel amazing.

Take a look at our entire collection to pick your favorite lashes in our online store.

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