How to Stencil on The Perfect Brow

Brows have been in the spotlight in the makeup community for years now! The term “ Brows on Fleek” didn’t just come out of anywhere. Having the perfect brow will up your look by 10 points!

Funnily enough, it seems as though everyone has been through a time where they were 'over-tweezing’ or experienced some stage of 'uneveness' as they were learning how to shape and maintain their brows.

Finding the right brow shape for you

Everyone is different: we all have different face shapes,  eye shapes, nose shapes, etc. The beauty in this is that there are many different eyebrow shapes; there is an eyebrow that suits every face.

The first thing you want to examine is whether or not you have prominent features on your face that you either want to accentuate or disguise. Smaller brows will open up a space, and larger brows will fill in a space.


We are going to go over six different facial shapes:

  • The oval
  • The round face
  • The long face
  • The square face
  • The heart face
  • The diamond face

Face shapes play a role in the type of hairstyle that we choose so we clearly need to take it into consideration when we're choosing the brow shape that best suits us too.

Luckily, the oval face is not a face that needs to be overly concerned with eyebrow shapes. Their face can pretty much accommodate any shape.

With rounder faces, the best brow shape is one with a higher arch. The higher arch will give the rounder face some structure.

With longer faces, a good rule of thumb is to extend your brow. Doing this will shorten your face and give your face a bit more definition.

Square faces would want to have a softer, rounder brow. The roundness with soften the stronger features they have.

A heart shaped face will want to have a midsize brow. The brow needs to be thick enough to break up the space on your forehead but not so thick that all the attention is drawn to the forehead.

A diamond face shaped face would want to use a more curved eyebrow to give a look of roundness and softness.

The Application

Many beauty bloggers will encourage you to use brow stencils in the beginning of your brow journey. Once you practice it a handful of times, it'll eventually become second nature to you.


First, let’s brush the eyebrow to start; shaping and smoothing out the brow for our application. Using a small flat angled eyebrow brush, dip it into your eyebrow pomade.  

Anastasia Beverly Hills has a great Dipbrow eyebrow pomade that lasts all day.

PRO-TIP: Make sure to warm up the pomade jar in your hands for a smoother application.

Take the angled brush and line it up with the bridge of your nose, this is where the brow should start. Make sure to keep your brows starting at the right spot. You don’t want your brows too close or too far apart. Start by shaping your brows on the inner corner of the eye. When you reach the middle of your eye, you’ll want to start the arch.

PRO TIP: of you have more defining features on your face you’ll want to choose a rounder brow if you wanted to soften the face.

After stenciling on the arch you’ll want to end the brow will a thinner tail.

A more dramatic brow will always be longer and fuller.

To finish off the look, use a clear gel, smooth out the brow again. This will make the look stay longer and in place throughout your entire day.

PRO-TIP: Use a your favorite high coverage concealer and a small angled brush to line the under of the brow and to. smooth out any edges and highlight the eyebrow.  Kat Von D has a great Lock it concealer that is super high coverage  This will make your brows pop. Blend this out with a damp beauty blender .

The Ending Result

The trick to the perfect brow is practice and repetition. The more you work on your brows and perfect your shape the more consistent eyebrows will look flawless. As always, remember to top off your look with one of our amazing pairs of lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club. Tag us at @dollareyelashclub if you have any questions or leave a comment below

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