How to Start a Serious Career as a #MUA

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If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that your interest in makeup started a lot like mine. I loved the expression, freedom, and art of doing makeup. Once you know you’ve got some talent with the brushes, you can make your dream a reality by following a simple format.

Decide on the type of makeup you want to focus on 

First things first. You want to decide on a niche to specialization. You’ll have the opportunity to gain more specializations as you grow, but to start you should choose one type to specialize in. 

Here are a few to get you thinking:

  • Bridal
  • Fashion
  • Everyday
  • Photography

Starting with a focus will help you put your career into action.

Find a mentor to fine tune your skills

Look for a mentor. Find someone who will help you master whatever type of makeup you want to specialize in first. Not only will they be able to teach you the skills, but they also have experience in the product lines and time restraints. 

Ask for their insight and recommendations when building your kit. This will save you time and money when you’re trying to make the perfect kit. Let their experience with products and purpose guide you. 

Offer your services to models in your target niche to build a portfolio

One of the easiest ways to find work and experience when you’re just starting out is the model community. Each and every one of the makeup specializations has a community of models advertising to these niches. Keep your rates honest with your experience. If you are working without much budget, you can also leverage exposure and print as a form of payment.

That being said, be smart when looking for opportunities. Seek models and makeup opportunities in an environment that reflects your goals. If your dream is to own a rustic makeup boutique, seek makeup opportunities with models that reflect your target market. 

Build your personal brand

With a few gigs lined up, it’s time to think seriously about your personal brand. As a makeup artist, you need to be heard in an otherwise crowded community. This can be attained through personal branding. Create a logo, watermark your work, and stay consistent. Building a strong identity will help you stand out in a world #Instamuas. 

Speaking of, try to make social media accounts on platforms your users will care about. For the majority of you, this platform will be Instagram. Though you may find that Pinterest and Facebook help spread the word too. 

Practice. All the time. 

Never stop practicing. Makeup takes constant practice to keep up with new trends and styles. More importantly, you can never refine your craft too much. As you get more experience, you're going to find that you continue to grow. 

The road to #MUA involves a lot of work, but if you stay committed to this simple formula you'll see your following (and your career) grow over time. If you have any questions or just need a little support, reach out to as at @dollareyelashclub.

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