How to Stack False Eyelashes for Dramatic Eyes

Why stack two pairs of false eyelashes instead of just buying one pair of thick lashes? For a world of dimension one set of lashes could never achieve!  Not only can this save you a lot of time on your eyeshadow, it’s an easy way to make a dramatic statement with your eyes.

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If you’re striving for a bold look that will turn heads, stacking false eyelashes will supply the style you’re looking for.  Pair with a set of cat eyes or a simple shadow for an incredibly volumized look.

Stacking False Eyelashes


Once you learn how to stack false eyelashes, the sky's the limit! You can use two pairs of the same false eyelashes or incorporate different styles to create custom lash designs for yourself.

For your first time, it’s a good idea to stay simple.  Take two pairs of your favorite false eyelashes and prepare you mirror. If you’ve mastered the art of applying false eyelashes, then you’re in luck! Wearing double stacked lashes isn’t any harder than applying a single pair.

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However, you do have 2 choices when it comes to your method:

  1. Stack the lashes before application.  Line the lash bands up and apply glue to the two pairs of lashes at the same time.  This method is a good idea if you’re intending to wear the false eyelashes stacked for numerous applications.
  2. Apply one after the other.  With this method, you’ll apply one set of lashes directly after one another.  With the second pair, you’ll want to make sure the lashes line up with the first set you’ve applied.

With either method, the key is to get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible. The closer you get to the lash line, the more natural the lashes will appear.  

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As we mentioned before, stacking lashes is a great way to create custom designs from styles you already love.  Try stacking longer lashes with different patterns for truly unique designs that only you can create.  

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Great article. Cannot wait to try stacking my lashes.

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