How to Pick the Perfect Shade of Red

Red lips equal a big statement, but it can be a delicate shade to wear because red has different hues and undertones; such as orange, blue, and violet, along with various shades: warm reds, cool reds, red- red and true red and all these undertones and shade look different on different skin tones. 

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Not all reds flatter every skin tone, so it’s necessary to understand your skin tone and what shade and formula will work best for you. Here are some tips for your perfect shade of red. 

Determine Your Skin Undertone

Your skin undertone is the layer underneath the top layer of your skin. There is cool (pink), neutral (pink and yellow), or warm (yellow) undertones. There are ways to help you determine your undertone. 

  • Jewelry Test – Do you like silver or gold jewelry against your skin? Chances are if you prefer silver, you are a cool undertone, but if gold suits you better, you are a warm undertone. If you like both styles, you would have a neutral undertone. 
  • Clothes Test – Which colors of clothes work best for you? If you look better in blues, greens, or blue and reds, you are more likely a cool undertone. If you wear more yellow or orange-red, you have warm undertones. 
  • Vein Test- If you look at your veins, you can get an idea of your undertones. If your veins look blue, you have cool undertones and if you have more greenish veins, you are a warm undertone. If you aren’t able to tell, you will fall into neutral undertones. 

Lipstick Hues for Your Skin Tone

When you’ve determined the shades for your undertone, it is necessary to decide on which hues work best with your skin color.  Red can be a hard color to pull off, so you want to make sure you are choosing the perfect shade for you. 

  • Orange-Reds – these hues are for warm undertones and include orange, copper, gold, or brown.  Red lipstick with warm orange-red tones will have names with orange, golden, sunset, coral or fiery in them.
  • Blue-Reds – if you have a cool undertone, you want to look for lipsticks for slightly blue, pink or plum undertones. When shopping for red lipsticks with blue-red hues, look for names such as cherry, raspberry, burgundy, wine, rose, or crimson in them.
  • Subtle Reds – these are right neutral colors that give your lips a little pop. Subtle reds are a great way to start experimenting with red lips.


Choosing the Right Finish

As soon as you’ve determined the perfect shade of red for you, next is deciding the best formula for that shade. 

  • Matte Lipstick – has a flat finish. It is best for high pigmented reds and lasts longer than other lipstick formulas if your prone to dry lips avoid matte finishes. 
  • Cream Lipstick – cream lipstick is fairly pigment and good for hydrating your lips because of the moisture. Color doesn’t last as long and needs to reapply. 
  • Sheer or Satin Lipstick – choose this for a subtle and moisturizing red. Sheer lipstick has little pigment, so it’s perfect if you are not used to wearing red lips. 
  • Liquid Lipstick – a liquid lipstick is suitable for a red that lasts all day. This lipstick will dry down on the lips to a matte finish. 
  • Gloss - glosses are shiny and hydrating and deliver color. Some glosses can be highly pigmented, but most are sheer so they are useful if you are new to red lips. 
  • Lip Stain – lip stains are suitable for long-lasting coverage. They work to heighten your natural lip color. You can customize lip stain colors and intensity.

That’s it guys, and remember to live, lash, love! 





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