How to Pick False Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape

As you may have guessed by now, we love false eyelashes.  A good pair of false eyelashes can brighten your eyes and make a statement that mascara alone can’t quite achieve.  There’s only 1 problem: Picking the right pair of lashes for your eye shape.

Strip lashes aren’t made to fit every individual perfect and unless you’re an expert at lash application, you’re going to want to stay away from individual lashes.  Which means you’ve got 1 solution: Learn how to pick the right pair of false eyelashes for your eye shape.


The Best Lashes by Eye Shape

Finding the right false eyelashes for your eye shape isn’t always a walk in the park.  Use these quick tips to find the right lashes for your eye shape!  If you have a question about eye shape, leave it in the comments.  We’ll get back to you asap.

Deep Set Eyes

For this eye shape, go bold!  You need to wear dramatic and long lashes to balance the depth of your brow bone and eyes.  Deep set eyes sit deeper on the face and can easily make normal strip lashes disappear.  So make sure you get lashes with some extra length to make your eyes pop.

Lashes like The Hot Mess provide the length, thickness, and comfort needed to make a bold statement with your eyes.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are visibly circular and rounded.  If you have rounded eyes, look for lashes that are winged with wispier lashes.  Winged lashes will allow you create a cat eye shape around the lash line and create definition around your eyes.   (The Hot Mess lashes are a perfect fit for round eyes, too.)

Hooded Eyes

With hooded eye shapes, you’ll want to choose false lashes that taper at the end.  You’ll also want to make sure that the longest of the lashes are at the center of the strip.  This will attract attention inwards and create the illusion of depth to your eyes.  If you’re struggling to get the definition you want from the lashes, try applying false lashes to the bottom of your eyes as well.

Monolid Eyes

Monolid eye shapes are flat and don’t have much of a visible crease, if any.  In order to keep your lashes looking natural, you need to choose lashes that do not stick out too far from your lash line.  Look for a dense lash that’s still defined and full.

Almond Eyes

People with almond shaped eyes are often considered the lucky ones!  You can choose from a wide range of lashes and as long as you’re applying your lashes correctly, you can go for many different styles of false eyelashes.

If you can’t seem to find an eye shape that describes your eyeballs, relax.  Simply try to find the eye shape your eyes match the most and buy lashes accordingly.   Even the best false eyelashes may require a little measuring and trimming before application.

Stay tuned to our blog and website!  We’ve got more styles and shapes coming to the store very soon :)

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