How to Make your Boobs Look Bigger without Surgery

This week’s blog is a quick hack that will show you how to make your boobs look bigger without surgery.

Let's face it, “some girls are bigger than others”, to quote the suave crooner and lead singer of 80’s British pop band The Smiths. And some girls just don’t have quite as much going on in the chest department. Lucky for you we know how to make your boobs look fuller and more defined.

The trick is just a little bit of makeup.

Some girls are naturally chesty. Jessica is not one of those girls. Jessica is gonna show us a workaround to help give members of the I.B.T.C., and anyone else who wants it, a little more definition in their bust, and create the illusion of fuller breasts.

What You Will Need

  • Bronzer
  • Makeup Brush

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Applying the Bronzer

The trick is to use your bronzer to give your “girls” a more defined look.

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You want to apply the bronzer beneath and around the inner creases of your breasts to create contour and give the illusion of a shadow to add depth and give your breasts an eye popping effect that you’ll want to show off in your favorite low cut tops and dresses.

Keep in mind however, that you don’t want to use too much, or too dark of a bronzer as this will look too obvious. The key here is to go for an even, natural look.

The Finished Product:

DANG, JESSICA! Work it girl!

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With definition like that, and a pair of sexy false lashes to bat, you’ll feel like you’re ready for the cover of Vogue! <3 Grab your vegan lashes from this dollar lash club. We got you covered for the best dollar lashes around. 

There you have it. You can try this trick out at home and share your results with us. Make sure to tag us @dollareyelashclub in your sexy Instagram selfies and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

We release new videos every week so stay tuned! xoxo

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