How to Lay Flyaways

You’ve just finished your hair, and your impressed with style, but uh-oh, you have annoying flyaway hair, and it is standing out. Flyaway hairs are caused by dry hair, broken hair, too much product, chemical damage, or new hair growth that ruins your hard work putting together your hairstyle. 

As your hair gets drier, it will produce more friction and static electricity, which will showcase more flyaways.  There are numerous ways to fix flyaway hairs that are a result of heat damage, breakage, new hair growth, static or humidity in the air. Whether you need a long-term solution or some tricks to prevent flyaways, look no further than below. 

Good Conditioner

Flyways, often caused by dry hair that breaks, that’s why having a good conditioner that hydrates your hair is essential.  Limit the volume of times you shampoo your hair, because shampooing strips the moisture and natural oils for your hair. Increase the conditioning of your hair by adding a conditioning mask to your routine at least once a week to help moisture and strengthen your hair. 

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

Stop using a brush, and especially do not brush your hair when its wet, wet hair is extra vulnerable to breakage than dry hair. Wait till your hair is almost dry to put a brush through it or start using a wide-tooth comb to help detangle your hair, which can prevent hair breakage and flyaways. To detangle your hair correctly, start with your ends and work your way up. 

Hand Lotion

When you are in a pinch, hand lotion can help with taming flyaway hair. Remember, flyaway hair is a result of dry hair, so adding a little bit of cream helps fix noticeable wisps of hair. When you’ve used lotion on your hands or face, whatever is leftover on your hands run through your hair to lay down the flyaways and avoid having excessive lotion in your hair, making it look greasy. 

Multipurpose Lip Balm

The pomade texture of lip balm gives it more grip for taking flyaway. Using your fingers, apply a light amount of lip balm to the pesky flyaway as needed. Using your fingers helps avoid getting more lip balm in your hair than required, and making other strands look oily. 

Avoid Bath Towel

Your fluffy towel is too thick and textures to use on your hair after a shower. If used in your hair, it can rough up the cuticles of your hair and create more tangles, breakage, and frizz. Switch to a thin, microfiber towel for your hair to immediately notice a difference in your flyaway hairs. 

Styling Products

Discover products that work with your hair is essential to helping you lay flyaways. Match the weight of the styling product to the texture of your hair to make sure your hair does not look greasy. Look for products that multitask, such as offering heat protection and shine. 

Avoid the Heat

Using heat-styling tools frequently can cause more flyaways in your hair. If you must use heating tools, then protect your hair with a heat-protecting spray before you start styling so you can protect and block hot air from causing any damage to your hair strands. When finished styling, use a lightweight hair oil that can be applied after to help add moisture to your hair.

Prevent Hair Breakage

Too much hair breakage is a cause for flyaways. Prevent hair breakage by handing your hair gently. You can prevent damaged hair by using silk pillowcases, using low settings for heat-styling tools, reducing chemical treatments, and using cloth elastic bands. 

Final Thoughts

The above tools, such as conditioning, wide-tooth comb, using hand lotion or lip balm, avoiding fluffy bath towel and heat-styling tools, and choosing the right styling tools all help in laying flyaways. However, it is essential to take care of your hair and pamper it sometimes too. Try hot oil massages with coconut oils to help hair improve its shine and thickness. 

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