How to Highlight and Contour 7 Face Shapes

Contour and highlight are the foundation of all the hottest makeup looks around today. Contour and highlight are great methods to use to give more depth, definition and to accentuate any makeup look. You can even contour and highlight your boobs to make them look fuller. With the right contour and highlight, any look is possible.


This week, Jessica is gonna give us the rundown on the different shapes of faces and how to execute the best contour and highlight for any face shape.

There are 7 beautiful face shapes that walk this planet. That being said, we all aspire to create that "ideal" face shape. Use these contouring and highlighting techniques on these different face shapes to create that "ideal face.”

1: Heart Shaped

People with heart-shaped faces like the lovely Reese Witherspoon tend to have a bit wider forehead and a narrow chin. For these looks, it’s good to ‘chisel’ in the edges of the forehead and gives the cheekbones some contoured definition. Who doesn’t want more definition in their cheekbones? As a standard, we always give definition to the cheekbones with all face shapes.

For heart-shaped faces, we want to keep our contouring towards the top half of the head around the edges of the forehead and beneath the cheeks. We want to apply our highlights beneath the eyes, and on the chin and around the jawline. The goal here is to create the illusion of a slimmer forehead and a wider jawline.


2. Round Shaped

Next up is the round shaped face. Over the years we have had so many clients in our salons who assume they have a round face shape. That is only because we are our own worst critics, and often that is not their face shape at all.

As the lovely miss Selena Gomez shows us, round faces are also glamorous and beautiful!

For this kind of shape, we want to use straighter lines of contouring around the edges of the face to create the appearance of a more angular shape. We also want to use a strong contrast beneath the cheekbones, around the jawline and even down onto the neck to create slimming angles. We want to apply our highlight around the lips, under the eyes, and in the center of the brow.


3. Square Shaped

Square shaped faces are very striking. People with square faces tend to have very angular features and strong jawlines, like the lovely Angelina Jolie.

For this shape we want to contour the temples and cheekbones with more curved lines, to soften the features and give a slightly less angular appearance. We also want to contour onto the lower portion of the face on the jaw to give a slimmer, rounder appearance to the lower portion of the face.


4. Diamond Shaped

Diamond shaped faces are very distinct in shape. People with this shape tend to have narrow foreheads, full cheekbones, and a pointed chin. A good example is the stunning Ashley Greene, star of the popular ‘Twilight’ saga.

For these shapes, we want to contour the sides of the face and the cheekbones. Put an emphasis on highlighting around the edges of the forehead, brow, chin and on the jawline to really give the appearance of a more open, wider space.


5. Triangle Shape

Triangular faces tend to be more narrow through the forehead, and wider through the jawline, with a fairly unpointed chin. A good example of this shape is Kelly Osborne, recording artist and daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osborne.

For these shapes, we want to contour the cheekbones and down onto the jawline to give a slimming appearance. We want to highlight the forehead and below the eyes to really open up the face and create a more oval shape appearance.


6. Oblong Shape

People with this face shape tend to have long slim faces. Take for example the great Sarah Jessica Parker, best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw from the critically acclaimed series ‘Sex and the City’.

With this look, a good deal of the contour is gonna be at the top and bottom of the face to kind of “close the gap” and give the appearance of a shorter face. We want to highlight beneath the eyes and towards the center of the face and nose.


7. Oval Shaped

Less than two percent of the population have this face shape, and it’s elusiveness probably does a great deal to spread the notion that this is the ‘ideal’ face shape. We think everyone is beautiful, and that everyone has their own version of the perfect face shape. Beauty is in the imperfections after all! However, oval faced stars like the glamorous Jennifer Aniston, will always have the ‘look’ that people sought after.

With this face shape, all we want to do is accentuate the features. We contour around the edges of the face, under the cheekbones and beneath the jaw. We want to apply our highlighter under the eyes, between the brows and around the mouth and chin.


Tutorial Time!

Now that we have seen all the shapes, Jessica is going to show us a general guide that can be used on all face shapes to contour and highlight.

We want to make sure that our hair is tied or pulled back with the help of a headband.

Contouring the Face

Using your contour color, you want to start by drawing the shape of an ‘E’ or a ‘3’ depending on which side of your face you start on. Starting at the temple, bring your line down around the cheekbone and underneath the jawline. The result should look like you have an ‘E’ and a ‘3’ framing your face.

It looks silly, but you can get the best results by sucking in your cheeks. It looks something like the picture above. It easily pops those cheekbones out to give you a guideline of where your ‘3’ should fall.

PROTIP: Jessica likes to use an angled brush for this step because they are great for getting into the contours of the face and gives an even, natural application of the makeup.



Jessica likes to use a loose powder about 2 shades lighter than her skin tone. She likes a very natural look. Your makeup choice will vary depending on how soft or bold you want to wear your makeup.

Apply your highlight color to the forehead, working from the center out.

You also want to apply your highlight color beneath your eyes to help mask any dark circles or brighten up “tired eyes.”

PROTIP: When applying your highlighter, blend from the inside out towards your contour color to eliminate any harsh lines. This will give your look a softer, more blended appearance.

If your look needs a little more contour after your highlight, simply take your brush and your contour color and feather a bit back into the areas that you want to be darker.

There you have it. A natural, beautiful contoured look that will work for any face shape.

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