How to Get This Natural Makeup Look For Under $20

Hello everyone and welcome to today's video. Today I'm going to be breaking down how to get a natural makeup look for under $20 beauty on a budget is possible, but challenging.

Actually, to my surprise, I haven't gone drugstore makeup shopping in forever and everything is quite expensive.

make up

I almost didn't make it under the $20 mark, but because one of the things was mispriced, they had to give me $2 off and that brought me in at like $19.97 all that being said, I don't have any powder. I don't have any mascara and I actually have to use my own eyelash glue, but nonetheless, beauty on a budget is possible. Stay tuned while we break down this look.


I am really excited because I haven't tried anything on the market from the drugstore in a really long time, so I'm also really nervous. Okay, so the foundation I'm using is the Maybelline fit me here. It looks pretty good, Actually. This is number 235 ‘pure beige’. I'm going to put this on my skin. I'm going to wear it for a few hours and I'm actually nervous that it's going to make me break out. But we'll see.

applying make up with mirror

I'll give you guys to review later. So let's just put this on my days. I felt a little burning for some reason right above my lip. 

covering coverage

The coverage is not bad. I covered some of my colored spots, my hyperpigmentation. Let's cover up a little bit more in see it feels kind of nice and light. 

I am even going to wear my makeup to my yoga class later, but it's more legs so it won't be that sweaty, but I better not break out. That'll be a good indication of the quality. I've worn Jean BB cream before and I'll know exactly how my skin breaths with it. 


So here I have the ELF gel and powder eyebrow kit. I'm gonna use this both for my eyebrows and my eyeshadow. As I open it, I can see what it looks like there. 

brows shades

That's kind of nice actually. Let's see how it goes on. I have an angled brush and I’m going to use this to fill in my brows.

I don't think this goes on very well actually, because if you can see my browser already tagged you on, but if you look at this, I'm trying to fill in this front part here. You really have to layer it on to get any color on there. And even then, it's not really filled in as you can see. But maybe I've got to let it dry a little before I put it on. Then, let's do the other eyebrow.

Yeah. I don't know how much this did to my eyebrows. Better than nothing, I guess here my eyebrows up close. You can see it filled it in a little bit, but not a ton. You can see there's like almost nothing there. 

It'll do the job. I guess if you are on a budget for your makeup, this could work. However, I can't really see it filled in very much, but what do you expect? I think it was like three bucks or something like that. 


Okay. Now I'm going to put on my eyeliner. This is the ELF liquid liner. You can see thin brush.

I do like how this applies. 

Now I'm curious as to how long this is going to stay on for, but it goes on nice and easy. I really liked that eyeliner. Hopefully it stays on. 


Now for my lipstick, I have this wet and wild 1.99 frosted color lipstick. 

frosted lipstick

Now, I don't know if you heard this before, but they saved, the average woman dies with six pounds of petroleum in her stomach from cheap lipstick. But you know what? Can't win all the battles. Oh, this glides on really nicely. Nice color too. 

applying lipstick


Okay, now for my lashes, today I'm going to be using the princess #101-3D faux mink lashes.I love these because it gives such a super full and bolder lash.

dollar eyelash club

So once your glue is on and you're waiting for it to get tacky, wiggle the eyelash strip to try and arch it and it'll help to soften the strips so that it's easier to have mold around your eye.

eyelash curl


Blush and Bronzer

Now for my blush and bronzer, I'm using this elf blushing bronzing contouring palette. Now everything is ELF because I tried to find other brands, but everything is actually quite expensive, to my surprise. And take a brush and dip into the Brown side. This is going to be my contour color.

elf shades

Woo. This is dark. 

applying blush

I just have to buff out these edges here.

Okay. Breaking down is actually the worst. Check this out. Now I'm putting this bronze over top and it's coming through again because under $20 I couldn't even get powder, so I'm putting the bronzer right onto wet foundation, but it'll be okay. I'm just gonna put more foundation over top of it at the end. 

Lastly, for some blush, I'm going to take a big fluffy brush and just put a little bit onto the apples and my cheek. 


I was going to try putting on eye shadow, but because it didn't really put too much on in my eyebrows, I don't think it's going to do anything. But, you know what, I can just try it anyway. It is gel so I probably shouldn't be using a brush like this, but I don't think it's going to do anything anyways, so let's just try and see what happens. Oh, it actually goes on quite nicely.

and again, because I have no blending color within my $20 budget, I'm just going to take that sponge and kind of soften the line a little bit.

The Completed Look

There you have it. This is the $20 face. So you can see I don't have any powder on which is okay. I also don't have any mascara on which is okay. 

the completed look

The consensus for this gel eyebrow kit - Great for eyeshadow. Not so good for eyebrows. If I didn't have my eyebrows tattooed on, they probably wouldn't show any color. But something is better than nothing, especially when you're working with a budget. 

I'm curious as to see what my skin is gonna feel like in an a few hours going through light yoga class. I could break out and I'm going on my trip soon, but we'll see. I'm doing it just for you guys. I want to know if my skin's gonna breathe or if it's going to feel really suffocated. As of right now actually feels kind of light.

An Hour Later

Okay. So it's been about an hour and I have to wash my face. I can't even wait till I go to yoga. That being said, the coverage looks like it feels pretty good. It feels relatively light. But, my skin is pretty sensitive. I use very natural products, so for me, this makeup is already getting really itchy.

But you give it a try. Let me know what you think. If you don't have sensitive skin, you might really like it. 

So that's it for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember that. You're brilliant, you're beautiful, and you're going to go on to accomplish some amazing things. Have a beautiful day. Bye.

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