How to Fix Broken Makeup Powders

Hey Guys! Veronica here to show you guys an AWESOME makeup hack! Today I’m going to teach you how to get those broken powder products back into a pressed form.

We've all been there before- you’re in the bathroom getting ready for a night out and a wrong move sends the powder flying off the counter onto the floor, smashing into pieces. Maybe you've even experienced dropping the whole makeup case. Before you toss that makeup- don’t!

This super easy trick can be done with ease in your home.

1.Surveying the Remains

Here is my broken powder. As you can see, it is smashed into millions of pieces. Now, of course, you can still use this. But its a hassle. You really can't throw this in your bag and go, the powder will get everywhere.

2. Prep

So, to prep this powder we need it to be broken up as finely as possible. I’m just using the bottom of a large makeup brush.  If you do the same, just make sure the brush you use is a clean one.

I’m doing this so that I can solidify the remaining product back into pressed powder form.

I want this powder to be as uniform as possible. To do this, I need to get those large chunks broken down.

Heres a look at where I’m at now. Just continuing the break it up as much as possible.

3. Pressing

Now you can see how nicely I have the powder broken up now. I tried to get it as fine as possible. On this next step, we want the powder to become as flat as possible.

Still using the back of the makeup brush pack the powder down to create a flat, even surface. Any lumps and bumps will be left on the powder when its finished so be sure to make it look nice.

Here is my powder now, I’m pretty happy with how it is looking. All of the little bumps and kinks in the powder will even out after a few uses so don't be too worried about the small details now.

4. Recreating

Now, I’m pouring in rubbing alcohol. We want to make sure it fills the pan right to the top.

After filling the pan with the rubbing alcohol I’m just shaking the pan gently back and forth. This causes all of those little air bubbles trapped in the mixture to surface.

Removing these bubbles isn't required but it provides a smooth surface finish. Skipping this step could lead to bubble marks and holes in the finished powder.

All Done

Now our powder is all solidified and back in pressed powder form. There is some bubbling and cracking which is inevitable with this process.

This product is now a complete packed powder again. You can throw it (gently) in your bag and not worry about it getting all over your kit. And best of all, it works just like a normal powder. It's like new again!



There you guys have it! Super easy but extremely useful makeup hack.

Try this process out for yourselves and if you have any questions about this please post them down below. We have our new videos out every first Wednesday of the month so be sure to hit the subscribe button to stay up to date!

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