How to Fill in Your Brows

This week’s video is a simple tutorial about how to fill in your eyebrows.

Your eyebrows are super important because they frame your face and complete any makeup look, and sometimes you just don’t feel right without them done.

Brows can be a quick fix if you are pressed for time and still want to wear a nice makeup look. With brows, a pair of Dollar Eyelash Club false lashes, and a bit of lipstick, you’re good to go in 5-10 minutes.

how to fill in your brows 1

Veronica has semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, but they have begun to fade. She usually likes her eyebrows a bit darker, and the rule of thumb is to match your brows to the darkest shade in your hair. We don’t usually like to go much darker than that, but it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. Everything in makeup and beauty comes down to confidence. Whether you have brown eyebrows or even blue. if you’re gonna wear it, ROCK IT.

What You Will Need.

  1. An angled brush

how to fill in your brows 2

  1. Eyeshadow

how to fill in your brows 3

We like to use our favorite tarte eyeshadow palette. It’s got a lot of neutral tones.

Filling Your Brows

how to fill in your brows 4

In most cases, we want to pick a color that is close to the darkest color in our hair. Veronica has decided to use the second darkest shade of brown.

how to fill in your brows 5

We want the most pigment and definition on the arch of the eyebrow, so that’s where we are going to start

NOTE: When applying the shadow, you want to apply it in the opposite direction as your eyebrow hairs grow, this will allow you to apply your color underneath the hair and directly on to the skin.

how to fill in your brows 6

We’re applying our color, making sure to move in the opposite direction of the brow.

how to fill in your brows 7

As we work our way inward toward the ‘head’ of the brow, we can really see some definition appear.

how to fill in your brows 8

So far so good.

how to fill in your brows 9

The last portion of the eyebrow should be the tail. This is where you want the least pigment and you want it to appear as a natural fade into a point.

how to fill in your brows 10

Next, we want to go back over the brow, this time following the direction of the hair, rather than against it. This is where you will fine tune the shape of the brow to even out the color and make the brow more uniform.

You can adjust the thickness of the brows according to personal preference. You can add a few strokes of color at the top or bottom of the brow to give yourself a thicker brow look. Filling in your brows really allows you to switch it up and experiment with some bold new looks.

how to fill in your brows 11

With her first brow done, you can really see the difference in the look.

how to fill in your brows 11

We’re going to repeat the process on the other brow.

how to fill in your brows 12


This is a really quick and easy way to get your brows on, and you can see the beautiful definition it adds to veronica's face. Just lovely.

If you’re looking for a style on the go, it takes literally five minutes to do your brows, lashes and lips.

how to fill in your brows 13

Today, veronica is wearing the ‘Dirty Flirt’ 3D faux mink lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club. We are a dollar lash club that provides affordable premium lashes right to your door!

how to fill in your brows 14

She’s also wearing a Kat Von D. lip stain in the shade ‘sanctuary.’

how to fill in your brows 15

If you have any questions or comments, leave us your feedback in the section below, and don't forget to check out our new youtube channel @dollareyelashclub. <3

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