How to do Jennifer Lopez Makeup

Hello all you beautiful queens! We are here this week with Jessica for this week’s video, she is going to do a makeup tutorial that takes you through JLo's classic look step-by-step.

 This look features smokey eyes, beautiful lashes and lots of highlighting and contouring to make your face pop.

Jessica is fresh faced and ready to start creating this makeup look, so let’s get started!


Jessica begins by applying a thin layer of hourglass veil mineral primer. This is one of our favorite makeup primers because it goes on very smooth and leaves your skin looking silky and flawless.

Makeup primer is important because it helps to smooth out any imperfections in the skin.

Moisture + Foundation

First Jessica is going to blend some foundation and tinted moisturizer to create the right color that’ll give a subtle highlight to the center of the face.

For the foundation, she is going to be using urban decay all nighter waterproof foundation.

She’s also going to be using a small amount of Jane Iredale BB cream to make her foundation a shade lighter to give a subtle highlight to the center of her face. JLo is known for her stunning highlights and flawless contours.

She applies the blend of Foundation and tinted moisturizer to all parts of her face, including her lips. Jessica has fuller lips than JLo, so to recreate JLo’s iconic look she is going to be drawing them in with pencil later on in the tutorial.

Next, using a beauty blender, she is going to gently roll and dab the foundation to create full even and flawless coverage.

Creating the Perfect Smokey Eye

Next, Jessica is going to create the stunning smokey eye look using pigments from her favorite tartlette palette. This line of makeup is made with amazonian clay minerals, and it is absolutely amazing.

With a stippling, or patting motion, and using a soft bristled eyeshadow brush, she applies the shade called ‘bombshell’ a dark violet shade as her midtone. She works upwards to spread a uniform layer of the violet pigment onto her entire eyelid.

Next, with a small, dense bristled, rounded tip brush, she applies a sparing amount of black pigment to the outside corners of the eyelids just up to the crease-lines. When working with black eyeshadow, it is important to remember that a little goes a long way. It’s easiest to work with it in a gentle, patting motion to help prevent ‘fall out’.

PROTIP: the shorter, and more dense the bristles on the brushes are, the more control you will have with the pigment you’re applying.

Next, with a clean, medium bristle brush she is going to use some of the mid tone shade to blend the look.

She applies a little ‘bombshell’ pigment using an upwards, sweeping motion to blend out any lines there might be from the black to the midtone to create a seamless transition.

JLo tends to smoke out the top and bottom of her eyes so for the next step, Jessica will use a dense, straight bristled brush to apply a small amount of black pigment to the bottom lash lines.


Using a blend of nude shades from her favorite Morphe palette, Jessica will create a bit of subtle highlight to accentuate the look of the makeup.

She then takes the brush she used for the midtone and blends the color upwards towards the highlight color. This will further smoke out the eyes creating a beautiful gradient of color.


For the eyebrows, Jessica is using the Anastasia brow definer in the ‘taupe’ shade to recreate JLo’s signature look. Jessica is using taupe to lighten her brows enough to match JLo’s.

Using the brow definer, she fills in her brows to create the desired shape and fullness.  


Now for eyeliner on her top lash line. Today she is using a pencil liner from NARS cosmetics. This pencil has a smooth, and creamy texture so it’s really easy to apply.


JLo is known for her stunning full lashed looks. No look would be truly complete without a pair. Today Jessica is applying a pair of the Hot Mess lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club, our favorite lash subscription service.

If you are new to the lash game, you might want to check out some of our great false eyelash and makeup tutorials to learn how to trim and apply lashes, as well as clean and store your lashes for later use.


To contour this look, Jessica is using the Anastasia stick foundation in the ‘espresso’ shade.

Using her beauty blender, she will blend the dark contour color outward into her hairline and towards the outside of her face to create the perfect contoured jawline and cheekbones for this look.

Highlight and Blush

To set her foundation, Jessica is going to use a large soft bristled brush to apply Makeup For Ever HD powder. This is a microfinishing loose powder. It goes on very smooth and creates a flawless finish to the makeup look.

Now for a bit of blush to the apples of the cheeks to add a bit of color to the look.


Next up, she’ll give the lashes a bit of added boost with a Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir volume mascara.


Using a Sephora No. 2 Lip pencil in a pink shade, Jessica draws on the outline of the bottom lip to recreate Jennifer Lopez’ signature cupid’s bow look.

Using a Morphe pencil in the color ‘bae’ to line and fill her lips.

Next, she applies a bit of Kat Von D. Everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade ‘bow and arrow’ over top of what she has just drawn in.

Contouring the Nose

Jlo has a very chiselled nose, so to emulate that, Jessica will needs to contour the sides and bottom of her nose.

Using a beauty blender, she blends the contour color in to the sides of the nose. Lastly, she will highlight the bridge and tip of her nose to make it pop.

The Perfect Hair for the Perfect Makeup

To make sure her hair is on point to match her look, Jessica is using a bit of nvenn ‘smooth’ split end mender and smoothing serum. This product is designed to repair split ends, and tame fly-aways. This product is available from our sister company nvenn, and is all natural. It has a base of organic sea kelp, and is infused with wild cherry bark extract and silk proteins, this product not only works well to seal and treat split ends, it also smells amazing!  

The Final Look

The finished look is a beautiful recreation of JLo’s signature makeup look, and we love it!

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. If there are any tutorials or product reviews you would like to see make sure to let us know! Remember to like and subscribe @dollareyelashclub and stay tuned for a new video on the first wednesday of every month! <3 xoxo

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