How to Do a Candlestick Smokey Eye

Hello everyone! We are here with jessica for this week’s video, and we have a great makeup tutorial for you this week!

In this video, Jessica is going to show us how to pull off a beautiful candlestick smokey eye look. So without further ado, let’s get started!


If you aren’t familiar with this great look, it is essentially a smokey eye makeup look that is dark around the perimeter moving towards a much lighter tone in the middle. What this is gonna do is brighten up the eyes and create a beautiful doe-eyed look while maintaining beautiful definition.

Creating the Look

Step 1. Primer

For this great look, Jessica is going to begin with the Urban Decay eye shadow primer

We begin by applying the primer to the whole eyelid, and extending it up to the bottom of the brow line.

Next, blend the primer a bit to even out the color.

The trick here is to create a very sheer layer of base tone that is not too light, but will provide an even and uniform canvas for the rest of our candlestick smokey eye look.

Step 2. Base Eye Shadow Tone

Next, using a flat brush and the ‘Natural’ shade from the Morphe Dayslayer Palette she will blend the pigment over top of the primer to more closely match her skin tone.

Step 3. Eyeshadow Highlight Tone

Next, with the “Custom” shade from the Morphe Nightmaster Palette and a slightly smaller flat brush, she is going to apply the lighter pigment to the lids close to the lash line.

The key to this step is to use a slightly lighter tone and pack the pigment onto the eyelid. Depending on the look you wish to achieve, you can apply the lighter color across the whole eyelid, or focus more on the center of the eye. For today’s look, we will apply the lighter pigment to the whole lid to create a very vibrant and defined look.

Step 4. Creating the Smokey Tones

Next, she’ll use a round compact bristled brush, and the “Sweet” shade from the Dayslayer Palette to create the dark tones of our smokey eye.

You want to begin by stippling the color onto the outside corner of the eye.

Then, using a sweeping motion, we’ll trace the top of the eyeball and apply the color across the top of the lid.

We don’t want to apply the pigment too high above the eyelid, as we will be blending upwards. The last thing you need is too much pigment, or else you may end up with a blacked out look.

you can already see the ‘candlestick’ effect is already coming together quite nicely.

Step 5. Blending

Next, blend the look with a warm color to create a nice candle light effect.

Jessica is using the ‘forever’ shade from the Dayslayer Palette.

Using a warm mid tone shade, we apply the color and blend out that harsh line on the top of the eyelid.

For any smokey eye look, you really want the colors to blend seamlessly into one another and create a lovely diffused transition.

next with our ‘natural’ shade, we will blend the outside line under the brow.

Next, with the ‘custom’ color, and our small brush, we’ll go back in and apply this in the center of the eyelid to create a nice highlight to open the look up.

you should then blend the color outwords to really accentuate the look and open up those eyes!

Step 6. Eyeliner

Today, Jessica is using the ‘Super FAT Marker’ from NYX

We want to apply a bold line to make the liner really stand out against the light shadow color.

Step 7. Lashes

For this look, we want the lashes to be nice and bold, so we will be using the ‘Queen Bee’ lashes from our favorite one dollar lash subscription service, Dollar Eyelash Club.

If you are new to falsies, or just want to get your lash game on point, check out these 5 tips for applying false lashes like a pro.

Step 8. Mascara

Last but not least, we’ll finish this look off with a touch of mascara to bring out the bottom lashes in this bold look. Jessica is using the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara from Sephora.

The Final Look

With the look all finished, the end result is a really defined and striking look that is great for day or night. We love it!

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