How to: Contouring with Foundation

We’re here with Jessica for this weeks video and she is going to show you how to use foundation to contour and create a slimming effect to make your face look smaller.

You may have seen our video a few months back, where Jessica showed us how to highlight and contour 7 face shapes, and our contour & highlight lookbook and style guide blog from January of 2018. If so, you know that we love contoured makeup looks. While they aren’t part of the daily routine, sometimes it’s nice to do a full faced contour look and switch it up with something different. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic makeup technique.

Using Foundation to Create Contour

Today, Jessica is going to be working with Sephora Foundation. She’s already applied Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer to create an even base tone. She’s also done her eye makeup, complete with her favorite lashes from our favorite one dollar lash subscription, Dollar Eyelash Club.

With the lighter of the two foundations, Jessica will lighten the inner parts of her face, including her forehead, nose, upper lip and chin, as well as under the eyes and down along the sides of her nose. A good rule when choosing a foundation for the highlight is to use a color that is about one half shade, to one full shade lighter than your natural skin tone. You may have to mix foundations to achieve the right color, and the best way to do this is by starting with a lighter shade of foundation, and mixing in small amounts of another darker shade to create the desired color.

Creating a lighter base tone for the inner will boost the contrast of the contour and allow you create a more ideal face shape by accentuating or even downplay others. In this case, Jessica is going to use the contour to create a more rounded jawline. Jessica loves her square shaped jaw and everyone should love how they look without makeup but it’s fun to play around with different looks and techniques, so why not change it up sometimes?

next, using a Morphe beauty blender, and a gentle patting motion, Jessica blends the foundation to get rid of those harsh lines and even out the tone. You don’t want the makeup to look painted on, rather, you want to create a natural diffused transition. These beauty blender sponges are a girl’s best friend when it comes to creating a flawless finish.

Next using a clean brush, and the darker color foundation starting at the temple, jessica applies the contour color down under the cheekbone using a “C” shaped motion.

Your contour should extend down under the cheekbone and end below the center of the eye.

Next, she applies the darker foundation onto the forehead to create a more rounded face shape.

Last but not least, she contours around the jawline and on the top of the jaw to give the jaw a more rounded look.

Essentially, what you want to do is use the darker contour color to frame in the face and “soften” the edges to make it look more round.

Next, Jessica blends the look by gently patting to even out the color and get rid of those harsh lines.

She blends....

and blends some more...

Next, she uses a bit of the lighter foundation to accentuate the darker contrast of the cheekbone.

Oh! and don’t forget to blend !Blending is the key to 98% of makeup looks and this one is no exception!

The Finished Look

The final look is this stunning yet subtle contoured look that really softens the facial features and creates a much rounder looking face shape.

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