How to Contour Your Nose

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Before we start, it’s important to understand every nose is different. Make sure to alter these techniques as needed for your facial features.

There are two different types of products that can be used to contour. There is a cream contour and a powder contour. Typically a cream contour is used for a more dramatic night look while powder contour can create a more natural look. Today we will be going over both.

What You’ll Need

how to contour your nose powders and brushes

Whether you are creating a cream or powder contour you will need a couple of tools and products.

For a cream contour, you will need a cream contour shade pallet. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a great cream contour kit that will work wonderfully with our tutorial today. A ‘setting’ or translucent powder is going to be used to set the masterpiece as well. Finally, you’ll need a medium sized brush (similar to Morphe ‘s E62 angled contour brush) to apply the cream contour, and a medium brush soft brush to apply the loose powder.

For a powder contour, you’ll need a powder contour like Benefit’s hoola lite, a highlight, a setting spray, and a soft small brush similar to Morphe’s M438 contour brush.

Cream Contour

how to contour your nose liquid primer huda beauty
Credit: Huda beauty

First, you’ll want to take the darker shade in your pallet. This is going to outline the shadow of the bridge of your nose. When contouring a nose, typically a smaller nose is what’s desired.

Instead of following your natural shadow, you are going to make the line closer to the center of your nose. This will simulate a smaller nose.

Depending if you have a longer or shorter nose is dependant on how far you’ll draw. If you have a short nose you’ll draw a longer line to make your nose appear longer and vise-versa for a longer nose.

Right above the nostrils, you will draw a line horizontal on each side. At the tip of the nose, make sure to carve out a V shape to make the nose appear more pointed. If you would like, you can carry the contour around the nostrils to make them appear a bit slimmer.

Cream Highlight

how to contour your nose cream highlight
Credit: Byrdie

Now that we have created the desired shadow, we need to highlight the area. Taking the two lighter shades, you are going to apply a single line in the center of the two vertical lines on the nose.

You also take the same color combination and apply it to the point on your nose.

Blend it Out

how to contour your nose beauty blender
Credit: Stylecraze

After everything is applied it’s going to look a little silly. So once we're done we are going to take a damp makeup sponge and blend out our masterpiece. Make sure to bounce the makeup sponge so it doesn’t move the product around so much. We wouldn’t want to wipe away all of our progress.

After everything is blended out we now want to polish the look. Taking a light contour shade with a loose medium size brush, dust around the side of the nose to accentuate the contour.

The goal is to get rid of any harsh lines.

Without adding any more product connects the sides of the nose contour with your eyebrows. Afterward, take your translucent powder and set the makeup look.

Powder Contour

powder contour how to contour your nose
Credit: HelloIslandMama

Powder contour can be used universally. You can even be used to spice up your everyday makeup routine.

After applying your foundation you want to then start your powder contour. Taking your bronzer, you want to add to the shadow that is naturally on the side of your nose. Feel free to bring it closer to the center, to make the nose smaller more defined.

Keep in mind to be light handed while applying the powder. Less is always more. There will always be an opportunity to add more, but it’s a little bit difficult to take the powder back off of things without starting over.

Without adding more product lightly connect the brow to the side of your nose.

Powder highlight

powder hightlight how to contour your nose


Afterward, take your highlight. Use the highlight powder in the center of the nose, and dust on the tip. Dipping back into the contour shade go under the tip of the nose to round out the point.

If blush is a part of your routine, I always like to add a small amount on the tip of my nose with the highlight. This ad is a little bit of warmth to the look.

Set the Look

how to contour your nose makeup setting spray

To keep your style going, take a setting spray and spritz the area to lock in the contour.

The End Result

how to contour your nose 2


Whichever contour route you take, cream or powder; either one will make you look stunning. Always make sure to pair your contour with your favorite lash from our online store.

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Live, lash, and love all week long!


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