How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It’s very important to clean your makeup brushes regularly. Brushes can get caked with makeup, preventing a flawless finish to your makeup looks. Oils and bacteria can also buildup in your brushes, and unless you clean your brushes weekly, these could lead to a skin breakout.


This week veronica is gonna show us how to properly clean our makeup brushes.

If you’re an MUA, it is super important to sanitize your brushes after every client, you don’t want to transfer any skin oils or bacteria from the last client’s face to the next one.

What You Will Need

Hydrogen Peroxide or Rubbing Alcohol

how to clean makeup brushes 1

Hydrogen peroxide is antibacterial and antimicrobial. It will kill any bacteria that may be hiding in your makeup brushes.

PRO TIP: If your brushes need an extra strength sanitization, use a 99% volume rubbing alcohol. Note, this can dry out the bristles of your brush, so only use this in extreme cases where you really need to kill the bacteria.


how to clean makeup brushes 2

Veronica is using a light towel so that it’s easier to see the makeup coming out of the brushes, but If you’re worried about makeup stains on your towel, you’ll definitely want to use a darker colored towel.

Cleaning the Brushes 

how to clean makeup brushes 3

We’re going to start by pouring a bit of the disinfectant onto the cloth

how to clean makeup brushes 4

Not only does this remove the makeup from the brush as you can see, it also kills any bacteria that may be hiding in the brush as well.

PROTIP: It’s important to use a sweeping side to side motion when cleaning your brushes. You don't want to jab your brush straight down onto the towel, as this will ruin the bristles.

how to clean makeup brushes 5

Using the described method, clean the brush until you can see no more makeup in its bristles.

how to clean makeup brushes 6

All this from just one of veronicas brushes. Can you believe it?

how to clean makeup brushes 7

 Next up, what if your brush needs some extra strength cleaning?

how to clean makeup brushes 8

 We’re going to dip the tip of the brush directly into a cap full of disinfectant.

how to clean makeup brushes 9

Using short strokes, wibe the brush across the towel, until all the makeup has been cleaned out of the brush.

We don’t often suggest this, because it can ruin the integrity of the brush and cause it to lose its shape, so you don't want to use this method unless you absolutely need to.

how to clean makeup brushes 10

how to clean makeup brushes 11

You want to make sure to work the brushes back into their original shape before they dry. You should shape the brush after you’ve cleaned it out by gently forming the bristles back into the original form, and letting them dry completely before using them. A wet brush will cause your makeup to get cakey with powder and will ruin your makeup application.

how to clean makeup brushes 12

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