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How to Clean Your False Eyelashes

Have you ever wondered if you could get a second use out of those falsies? Well, you can.  You just have to make sure that you take them off, clean them, and store them properly.  The most important aspect of storing your lashes for reuse is keeping the lashes and your hands clean. So before you even think about touching your eyes, wash your hands.


What You’ll Need:

-Rubbing Alcohol
-Your Lash Case
-Clean Hands

Removing the Lashes

With your hands freshly cleaned, you’re ready to remove the lashes.  Start at the inside corner and gently pull the lashes off.  Do not yank or pull hard, you might lose a few lashes if you do.

how to clean false lashes 1


Cleaning and Storing False Lashes

Now that you have the lashes removed, you want to clean the excess glue residue that is left on the lashes.  Depending on how long your nails are, you can use your nails to pick off the excess glue.  Otherwise, you’ll want to use a pair of tweezers and gently pull the excess glue off.  Don’t clamp down on the lashes or you may leave a kink in their structure.

how to clean false lashes 2

With the excess glue removed, we’re going to use a QTip with a little bit of rubbing alcohol and run it along the edge of the lashes.  This is going to kill any bacteria that you may have on your lashes and keep them sanitary while you store them.  

how to clean false lashes

Once you’ve cleaned the false eyelashes with rubbing alcohol, you’re going to store them in the case you bought them in.  With Dollar Eyelash Club lashes, the case is very small and can fit perfectly into your purse or makeup bag.

how to clean false lashes 4

No matter how well you clean your lashes, you’ll want to opt for a new pair at least once a week. Just like anything else, bacteria will still build up over time and you don’t want to mess around when it comes to your eyes. Make sure that you stay extremely sanitary and never slack on cleaning lashes you intend to reuse.

This dollar lash club has dollar lashes for days, so remember that we have you covered. Oh and, they are vegan lashes too!

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