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How to Apply Magnetic Lashes

Welcome to this weeks video! We have been getting alot of questions lately asking us about these new magnetic lashes that we’ve been hearing about lately. People have been asking us a ton of questions like:

“How do I apply magnetic lashes?”
“Are they easy to use?”
“How Heavy are they?”

Well, today we’re going to answer these questions.

In this weeks video we are going to give you a couple tips and tricks for applying magnetic lashes. We are also going to see a tutorial all about how to apply these lashes.

Are Magnetic Lashes Hard to Apply?

Truth be told is isn’t all that easy to apply these lashes. It took over 30 minutes just to figure out how to put them on correctly. These lashes are often marketed as being a less messy and quicker alternative to glue on lashes. And in all honesty they look great but....

Compared to the 30 seconds it takes to apply glue on lashes from our favorite one dollar lash club, magnetic lashes take a big old L in the speed round.

Magnetic Lash Hacks

We found that these Ardell Magnetic lashes are a whole lot easier to manage if you cut them in half.

You can also apply a bit of mascara before you apply the lashed. The tackiness of the mascara will help hold them in place, and make your lashes look even more full.

Applying the Lashes

We start with the inner corner.

We found that its easiest to apply these lashes by holding the top one in place with your fingers and using a pair of tweezers to apply the lower piece. It’s much easier to squeeze in to the tight space this way. It’s hard to see the mirror with both hands in front of your eye. ;)

Here are the lashes, all applied. The second one was a little easier to apply than the first one once we figured out our tweezer system!

These lashes look nice and full. We have to admit. They are Fabulous... But even with our hacks, they still take a little longer to apply than a pair of 3-D faux mink strip lashes from our lash subscription service, Dollar Eyelash Club. Another thing is that they sit just slightly in the field of vision.


After about 2 hours, the lashes are sliding down away from the lash line. These are definitely not all day lashes.

Final Thoughts

When it’s all said and done, strip lashes are a lot easier to  work with, faster to apply, and stay in place a lot longer than magnetic lashes.

Have you tried magnetic lashes? Do you like them more or less than strip lashes? Do you have any hacks to share?  Leave us a comment with your best tips and tricks in the section below.

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