How to Airbrush Your Own Face

We’re here with Jessica for this week’s video, and this week you are going to see how to do your own airbrush makeup.

Summer is rolling around, and that means parties, graduations, and more. While airbrush makeup is not the most minimalist way of doing things, It is an amazing method of applying makeup to create stunning looks for any occasion.

She’s already applied her eye makeup, including her lovely one dollar lashes from Dollar Eyelash Club, and lip color, so she’s ready to create some stunning contour and highlight using the amazing airbrush method to complete her makeup look.

To create this look, Jessica is using a silicone based artist makeup from TEMPTU. There are a couple great advantages to silicon based products: Not only is it  a very lightweight product, but because of its ease of application, and even coverage, it is enough to cover up most discoloration. This eliminates the need for foundation and cover-up. It comes in 12 different shades, so it’s great for all skin colors and skin types.

It is also waterproof, so even if you have to run to get out of the rain, your makeup won’t. This makes it a great choice for beach makeup, and what could be better than perfect makeup for your summer beach selfies? The downside however, is that because it is silicone based, it will clog your pores if you wear it every day, so this is definitely a makeup that you don’t want to use too often.

Creating the Airbrush Makeup Look

Jessica has set up her airbrush kit, and loaded it up with pigment, so now she is ready to get started creating this amazing look.

PRO TIP: To find a shade that is right for your skin, you should try mixing shades that are within 1 or 2 shades of your natural skin color. Simply add a few drops of pigment to the reservoir of the airbrush and cover the sprayer end with your finger while depressing the sprayer button, you will see the it begin to bubble in the bottom of the reservoir, and that’s how you will know it is mixing. You can test the color by applying a small amount to the jawline. Once you have found a good color ratio, you can begin to apply your airbrush makeup

Jessica begins to apply the airbrush makeup at her jawline. She has a small birthmark on her chin that she is going to cover.

you can see how well airbrush makeup erases any discoloration or dark spots and really creates an even, natural skin tone. All you have to do is hold the sprayer tip close to the spot for just a couple seconds until it disappears just like magic.

She continues with her cheek, working upwards with side to side motion. As you move up, you want to create an even coverage with the airbrush makeup, but it’s pretty much effortless with this great tool.

PRO TIP: Generally, you want to hold the sprayer a few inches from your face, but for precision in those tight areas like the sides of the nose, don’t hesitate to move the tip a little closer to your skin, this will allow you to make sure you haven’t missed any of those harder to get places. By moving the sprayer end closer to your face, you can achieve far more precision with your airbrush makeup.

Next, Jessica applies the airbrush makeup to her forehead, working from left to right while using an up and down motion. The trick to airbrush makeup is to create even uniformity.

Jessica applies a bit of the color under her eyes to cover up any darkness or harsh lines she may have.

And some color on the other cheek as well...

After a few minutes, her airbrush makeup has dried and is looking nice and even.

Setting the Look

She seals the look with a bit of her favorite Jane Iredale Mineral Powder.

Finally, a bit of bronzer to create a subtle contoured definition.

With the look all finished, you can see how smooth, even, and flawless her skin looks thanks to this wonderful airbrush makeup kit. Do you like this look? Have you ever done your own airbrush makeup, or had airbrush makeup done at a salon?

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