How to Achieve the Perfect Wing Liner

Having a crisp eyeliner can really clean up a makeup look, even if you are just wanting a natural look. There are a lot of different types and forms of liners as well. In this blog, the primary focus will be on felt tip liners. Stilla has a great felt tip liner that will last all day and makes the application process a breeze.

The reason why felt tips are perfect for crisp wing looks is that they are easy to apply and have a thin tip. Pencil liners can be great, but typically they are used for smudging to create a more smokey look.

The process

The technique that is shown in the image is one of the many ways of applying your winged liner perfectly, the first time. If there is a clean application to start off with, cleaning up the edges will be a super quick process.

1. First, start off with the tail. Make a thin line from the edge of the lash line and drag it in a light curving motion to the temple. The length of the line is dependent on how dramatic the makeup look is going to be. Longer the line the more dramatic and glamorous the look will appear. So if the plan is just to grab groceries and run errands, you might want to might stick with a shorter, more natural tail.

  1. Next, connect the tip of the tail to the lash line leaving it rather thin. The tail should be left thin to extend the eye and make it look bigger and fuller.

  1. After creating an outline, carry it down to the tear-duct or the center of the eye. This line needs to be very thin; the slimmest part of the line.

PRO TIP: to make your eyes appear bigger extend the line further than the center of your eye. That way the eye looks to start and end at a different place. Let’s be honest who doesn’t want bigger, fuller eyes.

  1. Next, fill in the line that was just created to finish up the liner application.

Clean it up

It’s always a great idea to clean up and smooth out the look before polishing it off. A full coverage concealer similar to Kat Von D's lock it concealer is a good route to take to achieve a clean line for eyeliner. This full coverage concealer will cover up any mistakes or mishaps that were made during the application.

Using a small angled brush like Morphe 's M165 brush take some of the concealer and apply to the brush. Underneath the cat eyeliner, swipe the concealer and touch up the line as needed. If one eyeliner tail is too thick or too thin, this is the time to adjust the eye look and make sure both sides match. Although logically they are always going to be different, the goal is to make sure they are as similar as possible.

PRO TIP:  Eyes are sisters, not twins. Try your best to keep them the same, but don’t get frustrated. Practice makes perfect.

Take the look to the extra mile

After the technique has been practiced and you feel that you have mastered the perfect winged eyeliner, it’s time to have fun.

There are so many options to add a little extra love into your makeup application.

This style can be achieved by adding another tail under the first one. Following the crease, this also includes a tail that starts in the middle of the lid and goes to meet the others in length. To add a bit more to the look, small dots are added to the underneath of the brow and between the two lower tails.

Another great option to add to a natural eyeshadow combo to add a more dramatic vibe.

Still want to stick with a simple cat eye but want something a little extra? Why not add a pop of white to brighten and bring more attention to the eye. After following the steps for the application of the liner, take a white eyeliner and swoop under the tail. Connect the white line with a top accent above the black liner. Finally cut the inner crease of the eye with the white liner to add more depth. Who says eyeliner is just for a lash line?

Incorporating two different types of eyeliner, this stunning look is easily obtainable. Starting off with the same perfect cat eye, use a pencil eyeliner to lightly smudge the top of the liner and use a smudge brush like Morphe 's M508 to blend it out. Dip into a matte black eyeshadow to smoke out the look bit more. Once again you will want to clean up the bottom line with a concealer to sharpen the look.

Remember, don't’ frustrated if you can not achieve a clean line. Everything can be touched up with a high coverage concealer and the more you practice the better the technique will be.

Don’t forget to pair this wonderful eyeliner with your favorite one dollar lash. These tips and tricks will be sure to turn heads and make you feel confident in your look.

See you next week! XOXO

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