Halloween Day of The Dead Makeup

Hey all you beautiful ghouls! Halloween is near, and veronica is here to give you a great halloween makeup tutorial. For this halloween makeup we’ve chosen a look that is both spooky and stunning - A classic Day of the Dead sugar skull makeup that is adaptable for just about any halloween function. Let’s Get started

Creating The Look

Veronica has her hair up and she is all ready to begin applying the first layer of makeup to create an even base.

PRO TIP: Makeup, and especially costume makeup will dry your skin out. That’s why it’s always a good idea to use a moisturizer to prevent dehydration of the skin. Once you have applied your moisturizer, you’re ready to create whatever stunning or frightful look you want!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, as it is for many people. It’s a day where you can be whatever or whoever you want to be. The only limitation to what sort of fantastic creature you can become is your IMAGINATION!

Base Tone - Dearly Departed

Veronica is going to begin creating this look, starting the base color. For this step she will be using a silvery-white costume makeup to achieve the pale base tone that this look calls for.

She begins by using a slightly moistened beauty sponge to apply a thin layer of the silvery base coat. For this look, she a wants to keep some of her natural skin tone to create a death-like pallor with a bit of translucence.

She applies a very sheer, even layer of the makeup to her entire face, including her eyebrows, lips, and down onto the neck. Because she is not doing a full body makeup, she blends the color into her natural skin tone at the base of the neck to create a seamless fade from ‘dead’ to ‘alive’

Next, she uses a flat brush to fill in any areas where the layer of color is not quite thick enough.

For this next step, Veronica uses a white highlighting powder to set the base.

She applies the powder with a stippling motion using a large soft bristled brush. By stippling, the powder is placed on the skin rather than being brushed on. This is to prevent the makeup from smearing.

Depending on the style of sugar skull makeup you wish to achieve, you can use a thicker layer of base color for a more opaque base tone.

The Eyes - A Deathly Gaze

For this next step, she is using a black cream costume makeup to create a set-in look for the eyes.

She applies the color to the whole of both the top and bottom lids to create the illusion of sunken eye sockets. Use the orbital bone as a guide to where to place the color, and slightly blend upward towards the brow line .

Next, she uses a black eye shadow to set the black cream makeup.

A bit of black liner and mascara to add to the darkness around the eyes.

Next, veronica uses liquid latex, and tissue paper to create a raised texture around the edges of the black to give the look a bit more depth and create a skeletal brow ridge.

This method of using liquid latex and paper to sculpt the look is a bit like working with papier-mâché. Once it has dried she will be ready to move onto the next step.

With the liquid latex dried, veronica uses a cream black to paint over top of the tissue paper around the black that she has previously applied.

On the outside edge of the tissue, she applies some fake blood costume makeup.

Next, a bit more black over top to blend the look and make sure the liquid latex is completely covered.

Next, veronica will add a bit of glam to this gory look using stick on rhinestones around the eyes to create an almost floral look that is characteristic to the day of the the dead sugar skull.

Undead Nose Job

Veronica uses a layer of black cream makeup to black out her nose. You can really see the skull really starting to take shape.

next, she uses a cotton swab to clean up the edges.

Lips - Kiss of Death

For the lips, she uses the black cream makeup and a straight bristled brush to create the illusion of teeth.

Next, a line from the corner of her mouth extends into a sinister grin.

She also creates an accented brow to really bring this look together.

Next, she uses red to accent the line work of this look. This gives the look a bit more of a harlequin look, which is perfect.


As a final touch, Veronica applies a set of fabulous Man Eater lashes from our favorite one dollar lash subscription, Dollar Eyelash Club

Famous Last Words

If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. Be sure to like and subscribe @dollareyelashclub, and to see how veronica did the hair for this look check out the Day of the Dead Hair video on our sister channel @nvennhairbeauty

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