Get the Look: Ariana Grande Hair & Makeup

As a music, fashion, and makeup icon Ariana Grande has a large following of girls from all over the world attempting to recreate her signature look. Ariana is well known for her subtle and classic makeup that combines a sharp cat eye with some version of a high ponytail.

She is an artist that gives her all on the stage so having her hair up just helps to keep it out of her way. The way Ariana wears her hair gives her a sexy flair with a hint of innocence all while being functional for a high energy performer.

Ariana’s signature face includes some contouring/ highlighting, a black winged liner and a touch of color on her lips.

This year Ariana has strayed away from her usual high pony look by lowering her ponytail down. This subtle change combined with her new color job has taken her from sweet pop princess to a smokin’ pop queen! Below we will break down how to achieve her iconic well-known look as well as how to adjust it for her new, more sophisticated style.

The Iconic Ariana Look


Rocking a high pony is one of Ariana’s most iconic looks. This look is extremely easy to achieve using a few of the tips we have here. You can give your ponytail some versatility by wearing it as a simple high ponytail, adding a side swept bangs, or only wearing it half-up. Depending on your hair density, texture and length, you may need to backcomb it and/ or add some extensions into it.

Give Your Hair EXTRA Volume

Put some dry shampoo or hairspray in your hair, and tease the front section of your hair. You can also use volumizing mousse to add some volume.

Hair Extensions

You don’t necessarily need hair extensions to recreate Ariana’s signature high pony. You can create the illusion of longer, thicker hair by using 2 ponytails. Here is a video tutorial that’ll show you how to do that.  That being said, if you want that same fullness that Ariana Grande’s hair has, you’ll need to throw a few tracks of extensions in.

Sweep Your Hair Into the Ponytail

Gather your hair and pull it to the height on your head that you want the pony to sit and secure it with an elastic. To achieve Ariana’s classic look, you will want to have your pony sit above the crown of your head.

PRO TIP: comb your hair in the direction of where you want it to sit to avoid creating bumps.

Use a section of hair to hide the ponytail holder

Take a small section of hair from the ponytail wrap it around the elastic to hide it. Secure it with a bobby pin. You can finish the look by using some hairspray or nvenn’s ‘smooth’ to slick down any flyaways.

Adding a Little Creative Flare with Side Swept Bangs

If you have bangs, it’s pretty self-explanatory as to how to style them. If you don’t have bangs, you can create the illusion of them. All you need to do it set in your part where you want it and then follow the steps for the basic pony. Once that’s all done, just sweep your bangs over your forehead the way that you want them to sit and secure them into place with a couple of bobby pins.

Create a half-up ponytail

Using diagonal partings, gather the top half of your hair just above the crown and clip out of place while you secure the bottom half of the hair with an elastic. Working with clean sections will make your life so much easier. Backcomb the top section of your hair, smooth out the surface and tie it into place just above the crown. Let down the rest of your hair and voila! All done! Again, if you need more fullness, you can a few tracks of extensions into your hair.


In order to achieve Ariana’s signature look, you must begin with a fresh, moisturized canvas. Wash away any oil and grime from your face with a gentle cleanser and pat your face dry. Once that is done, throw your favorite moisturizer on and give it time to dry

Apply primer to your face and eyelids

Primer is the key to long-lasting, smooth makeup. After moisturizing your skin, apply a light coat of primer over your face. In order to prevent creases in your eyeshadow, apply a dab of eyeshadow primer to each lid. Primer fills in any cracks and fine lines in your face giving it a smoother finish. It also gives your foundation something to stick to.

Apply eyeshadow

Ariana’s eyeshadow varies in color but is usually within the nude family. That being said, feel free to play with whatever colors you want. The beautiful thing about makeup is that it’s an art and the canvas is your face!

Apply foundation and concealer

A good foundation is your best friend when it comes to achieving a flawless complexion. Apply a concealer to illuminate your eyes, and then your favorite foundation everywhere else. Use a dampened blending sponge to blend out any lines and ensure that you have smooth, and even coverage.

Set your base

Setting liquid products (like your foundation and concealer) with a setting powder will transform them into a something with long-lasting coverage.

PRO TIP: Instead of sweeping the brush across your face, apply the powder in a stippling, or patting motion. This method allows you to place the powder directly where you want it.

Time to Create the Cat Eye Winged Liner

Using a liquid liner, start with the eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye. Using one sweeping motion (if you can), pull the eyeliner towards the outer edge of the eye. When you get to the end, increase the angle of the liquid liner to a 45-degree angle to create the wing. Use this same technique on the other side and repeat the same angle that you used on the first side to ensure symmetry.

PRO TIP: You can really choose whatever angle that you want depending on what you want your wing to look like. Just make sure to recreate that exact same angle on the other side. If you need a little help recreating the same angle you can always use a piece of tape to give you guide line.


Ariana’s look isn’t complete without a nice full set of lashes! For her look, we would suggest trying out Dollar Eyelash Club’s 3D Faux Mink Maneater lashes or the classic Queen Bee lash.

Finishing touches

Apply bronzer, blush, and highlighter to your face to build up that luminous glow.

Ariana Grande has thick, natural looking brows. If your eyebrows are thin, you could use a brow pencil to make them fuller. Finish the look with a classic nude lip and the look is now complete.

The ‘New’ Ariana Look


As Ariana’s music career has grown and developed, so has her style. Earlier this year Ariana was seen sporting her new low ponytail. While creating this look isn’t much different from her original look, the new placement really gives a different vibe to her style.

The Ponytail

Prep your hair with volumizer as you did before. For this look, gather the hair to the nape of the neck and tie it into place. Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the elastic. Secure it into place with a couple of bobby pins.


Ariana has stayed true to her natural look in her new style. You can follow the step by step as listed above to recreate this look. If you are trying to recreate Ariana’s signature look, you are going to want to stick to using neutral colors. That being said, don’t be afraid to play with adding a pop of color here and there.

Give it a Try!

Ariana has coined a look that is sexy yet practical. Ponytails are far from boring if they are done right. See just how effortless it can be and experiment with these looks today!

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