Makeup Hacks: How to Apply Makeup with Your Fingers in a Bind


We are here this week with Veronica for this week’s video and she is going to show you a simple hack for applying your eyeshadow with just your fingers.

Sometimes you may need to fix your eyeliner in a pinch. If you are in a hurry, or away from home without your makeup brushes, this hack will help you get the flawless finish when you don’t have the makeup tools you might need. Let’s Get Started!

Creating the Look

Veronica begins by applying an eyeshadow primer to her eyelids using a gentle patting motion. The skin of your eyelids is very thin and fragile, so it is important not to rub your cosmetics onto that area of the face as this can promote wrinkles and aging. Using a gentle patting technique will prevent excess wear on your skin.

Next Veronica applies a powder to act as a foundation for the eyeshadow. the powder will absorb any excess oils from the skin and allow for better application and coverage of the eyeshadow.

After applying your powder, you should wash and dry your hands thoroughly so that they are dry and free of any excess oils that could cause the eyeshadow to clump.

Veronica is going to be creating a brown smokey eye look today with the help of her favorite tarte palette.

She begins by using her middle finger to gently apply her chosen color to the lids. First, she uses a stippling motion to apply the color to the lid and then uses a gentle sweeping motion to blend the color outward.

Normally, when working with makeup brushes, you wouldn’t use the same brush to apply 2 different colors. It is the same when applying makeup with your fingers. Using a different finger than she used for the darker shade, she is going to apply a lighter shade to blend into the edges of the dark pigment to soften the look for a more diffused natural transition that blends into the natural skin tone.

Next, Veronica blends the colors using a gentle sweeping motion. For a more flawless finish, she also applies a small amount of the blending shade over top of the dark shade to create a more even and neutral transition.

Finishing Touches

Finally Veronica will apply eyeliner, mascara, and of course, no look would be complete without lashes!

The final touch for this great look is a pair of Hot Mess Lashes from our favorite one dollar lash subscription, Dollar Eyelash Club. You can check out our awesome lash tutorial here to learn how to apply lashes like a pro.

The Final Look

Lashes are a great way to complete any makeup look. As we always say: “never leave home without them!” The final look is a quick and easy smokey eye that you can pull off in less than ten minutes, using only your fingers.   

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