Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Face Types

Welcome Back loves!! We are here again this week to talk about the best eyebrow shapes for each face shape. Discovering your face shape is essential to creating a look that compliments you and your facial structure.

Last week we discussed Round Face types and the best eyebrows for them. This week we are going to look at Oval Faces. Let's take a look at what an oval face is and if you fall into this category.

First things first: Do you have an oval face?

Oval faces are characterized by a forehead slightly wider than the chin. Your chin will be soft and not too angular. If you match this description- congratulations! You have a facial structure that many beauticians find easiest to work with.


Oval faces rest in between several similar structures like oblong and diamond. Oblong faces follow the same characteristics as Oval except the face is longer with a more distinguished chin. Diamond faces are also similar to Oval faces but have a tapered chin.

Keep in mind that your face may not fall into only one face shape and you could have a combination. Take into consideration your most prominent features and decide how to style a look that's right for you.

Eyebrow Shapes for Oval Faces

Out of all six face shapes the Oval face shape is considered the most ideal. People with oval faces are lucky, since it is easy to create many hair styles and eyebrow shapes that compliment them. Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Katy Perry and Jessica Alba have oval faces.

When it comes to selecting an eyebrow shape for people with this face shape, its best to play off the natural shape of the brow. While classic high arches or soft angled eyebrow shapes are common on oval faces and do look great, the face already has a natural beauty so avoid trying to overwork the brows into a new shape.

Soft Angled


Soft Angled eyebrows are a good shape for most facial structures. This is because it occurs naturally on most faces, such as oval faces. This shape is straight and then curves softly around the top and down corner of the brow. Angled brows provide such a good sophisticated and clean look to faces and keeping them soft will stay true to your natural beauty. Be sure to fill your brows lightly and avoid too dark of a color.

Soft Angled Brows can vary on everyone's face so be sure to make your brows fit your face and not try to exactly copy someone else. Play with pulling your arch a little higher if you need more definition in your face. Perhaps you need to flatten your eyebrow out if it is too sharp for you. Just keep in mind your overall style and how your eyebrow can affect it.

Definition is Key

Being that most eyebrow shapes compliment the Oval face it is not easy to go wrong. However, it is important to keep your eyebrows properly groomed. Having a defined brow can bring a stronger look to the face. Not to mention properly groomed and shaped brows can add a huge level of sexy!

Stars like Megan Fox use this trick to their advantage. Regardless or your face or eyebrow shape keeping your eyebrows defined can help open your eyes and make you seem years younger.

Here a few tips to achieving properly defined eyebrows:

1.Use your eyebrow liner or the pencil and small strokes, carefully line your eyebrows shape. This must be the same color as your brows to offer a natural look.

2.Shade your eyebrows with a brown eye shadow using an angle brush. This applies a soft but solid color to the whole brow.

3. Use your concealer to make your shading look clean.You can add concealer right under your brow line to make the eyebrow more prominent.

4.Finally, use a flat brush to clean any eye shadow fallout on the top and bottom of your eyebrows.

Final Thoughts

The right eyebrows can make you look years younger and bring out the natural beauty of your facial structure. Luckily for those with oval faces, you can most times keep the natural shape of your brow- so long as you groom it properly.

If you are looking for a look to style off you should stick to a Soft- Angled Brow. This clean look can highlight your eyes and bring symmetry to your face.

If you have questions, leave a comment on this blog or ask your favorite one dollar lash experts on Facebook and Instagram @dollareyelashclub :) xoxo.

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