Eye-Popping Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Last week we talked about brown eyes and the many colors they can sport, but this week we’re moving on to makeup tips for blue eyes.  If you’ve got beautiful baby blues we’ve got some good news:  You don’t need an entire palette of color to make blue eyes stand out in the crowd.  Instead, you need a few solid techniques that draw attention to your blue eyes.


Sheer Shades and Shimmers

Blue eyes don’t need much to make a statement, especially if your eyes are on the bolder side of blue. Try sheer shadows, dust on a little glitter, or simply go for lighter colored eyeshadows.

image source: Pinterest


Invest in Navy Liner

Sometimes the harsh contrast of black eyeliner and blue eyes isn’t the look you’re going for.  Try swapping out your black liner for a navy color.  The navy will bring out your eyes instead of competing for attention (like black liner).


image source: Pinterest


Find a Gold Shadow You Love

image source: ezsmokeyeyes

There’s nothing quite like blue eyes and gold shadow.  This classic pairing is much like red lipstick… It never goes out of style.  Pair it will your new navy liner for a quick and timeless look.


Aim for Contrast

image source: rocketqueen.tumblr.com

Ever heard of the color wheel?  Find the shade of blue your eyes are and look on the opposite side of the wheel.  Chances are, you’re looking at an orange or copper tone. Lucky for you, no one pulls of orange and copper tones quite like people with blue eyes.

Not only will this create an amazing contrast between your eyes and the color, it will draw attention to your eyes and create a bold statement.


Ditch Bottom Liner

image source: 123rf

If you’re looking for a clever way to draw attention to your eyes and wide them, consider skipping the bottom liner.   Doing so will give the appearance that your eyes are actually much larger and brighter.  If you simply can’t leave the bottom of your eyes bare, try white liner instead.


Adjusting to Your Eye Color

Keep in mind that you may want to adjust your take on these trends with your eye color in mind.  If you have lighter colored eyes, warm colors and neutral browns will come to your rescue on any given day.  For more bold blue eyes, look at every swatch orange has to offer; From tangerine to coral, these lovely shadows will highlight your beautiful eyes.  

One last makeup tip for the road? Don’t forget to elevate your eyes with a gorgeous pair of false eyelashes :)

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