Exercise: 10 Minute Beauty Workout

It's time to start taking care of ourselves and treating our bodies like the Queens they are. Let's face it; we can't expect our bodies to be able to run around on ice coffee with zero workout regime. Our bodies are working machines and have to be taken care of to work properly.

Today, we are going to discuss a small 10-minute workout. Something little like this can be incorporated into almost everyone's daily routine. It can help strengthen muscles and positively adjust posture.

Why Adjusting Posture is Important

Posture is everything. If there's one thing that we have learned is that there's a vast difference in the quality of life with those that are mobile versus immobile.

Mobility isn't a concern just for seniors. It's now relatively common to hear that people in their 30's are starting to feel pain in their back. When you ask seniors where their immobility started from, most of them will tell you there was a little pain that started back in high school or college that they ignore and over the years compounded into what it is today.

Our bodies are designed to stand not to sit. That being said, many of us work in professions that require us to sit all day. These small tips/workouts can get us moving and help us take care of our bodies.

#1 Ditching the chair

Some of us work in an office environment. On average, some of us can sit up to 8 hours in one day. All this sitting can take a toll on our body and posture. In most cases, we can't avoid desk work either. One solution is to swap out the desk chair for an exercise ball.

Not only will it add a little 'bounce' in our day, but it will keep your posture in the correct position. Bouncing through the day will work on our core and tighten our tummies. Honestly, doesn't everyone want a tighter midsection?

#2 Stretch out the wrists

A lot of us work with our hands throughout the day. Especially when your a hairstylist, a writer, an executive, etc.

When I give my clients hand massages, they are always surprised by how steady their hands and wrists are. Probably from not stretching them. The key is to stretch regularly throughout the week. When a habit is made, it is almost second nature to do that task throughout our days.

Take the hand, palm, upward, and lightly pull the hand to the wrist with your other hand. Don't pull too hard, or it can strain the muscles.

Or the stretch can be reversed. Tilting the hand downward, push down towards the wrist. This will stretch and increase mobility in the wrist.

#3 Let gravity work it's magic

With one's bum against the wall and legs up in the air, it's an excellent position to increase blood flow. Sitting in this position for about 15 minutes can even prevent cellulite. Cellulite develops when circulation lowers, and toxins build up in the tissues. Laying upside down allows gravity to pull any buildup out of the body.

So when we need a break from a project or work in general, find a place to get in position and let gravity do 'it's a thing.'

#4 Jump for joy

Sure we can lay with our feet up all day to prevent cellulite, but what about the cellulite we already have? Acquiring a small trampoline can do the trick.

Jumping up and down for about 15 minutes a day can reduce the amount of cellulite in the body.

The bouncing action combined with gravity helps to loosen any fatty deposits that are stuck and get them to moving and flushed out!

#5 Stretch out the feet and ankles

It's surprising to think that our ankles and feet support and carry our whole bodies every day. Not only do they help our bodies, but they hold a crucial role in maintaining good posture. Having an aligned posture without proper support is impossible. So definitely take the time to stretch it out.

Being consistent with good posture can help keep you intact. I'm almost positive not many people say "I want to end up like a hunchback." 'Said no one ever.' Let's choose to take care of our bodies. After all, we only have one.

Thanks for reading this week's blog! We hope you can use these trips and exercise to help keep ourselves intact. Make sure to check out our  online store for lashes starting at only a dollar and subscribe to @dollareyelashclub

Live, Lash, Love!


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