DIY Face Masks (Peppermint!) Firming Face Mask and Cleansing Face Mask

Hello everyone. Welcome to today's video. Today I'm going to be showing you how to keep your skin looking nice and young and fresh and tight with just things that you find in your kitchen. I have nothing on my skin other than a little of moisturizer and some contour. 

This is au naturale after I put the two masks on. Now making this video today because I am very passionate about natural and holistic healing. There's so much that you can do for your skin just through using the right ingredients and using essential oils and other things that you can find that are natural, that will have a lot of healing qualities.

Now, today's world is really alarming for me. The number of kids, teenagers that are getting Botox today is scary to me because at that age, you don't need anything. Your skin is young and youthful and should look that way for a really long time and we don't often think about what we're doing today and how it's going to affect us tomorrow. 

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't get Botox. I'm not knocking it or judging it. Who knows? I may get it one day, but what I am saying is that we should exhaust all of our resources before we resort to something like that. I always try to do whatever I can to keep my skin looking this way and yes, it takes a little of effort, but in the long run it's totally worth it.

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Before the Mask

So here's a closeup of my skin with nothing on it. You can see that I have some dry skin around my nose and all of that is going to be gone once these two masks are done.Okay, so let's start mixing the very first mask. 

Mixing the First Mask


You're not going to need 10 things. You're going to need a fork to stir it, a bowl obviously, to put it in, and you need some honey, some white sugar or some sea salt. Either is fine. They're not so great for the waistline, but great for the face. And then I have three essential oils, peppermint, I have eucalyptus, and tea tree with vitamin E. Now you don't have to get so particular with it. 

I know with a lot of mask recipes are like put in a teaspoon of this, put it in a tablespoon of this. You just have to mix it to the right consistency and you need to have enough for your face. It's that simple. Now this is one of my favorite masks, because without getting into too much science, all of these essential oils have natural antibacterial qualities.

So it's going to cleanse your face, disinfect your face, and scrub off any dead or dry skin that's there. And it's going to make a perfect base for the second mask. So here, all we're going to do is squirt in a little of this and I have a larger face, so I'm going to make about a tablespoon-ish size. 

Now I just kinda pour it in, and I just mix as I go to make sure it's the right consistency. If you put too much sugar, you can always just add a little more honey cause you want it to be spreadable. Also, if you want it to be a little more spreadable, you can add water as well; but I like it to have a thicker consistency because I don't want it to drip all over my face or my clothes. Okay, you can see this has made a nice little paste; I'm going to add a little more honey actually.

Avoid the Eyes


Now the thing with tea tree oil, it is an amazing remedy, natural remedy for a lot of things. So now the thing is it's really strong, and you've got to be very careful not to get it near your eye one time, especially around your eye. The skin here is super thin so it absorbs a lot. So, I would avoid the whole circle. You can see the consistency is what I like. Now I'm going to drip in five drops of peppermint. Smells just like Christmas! I'm going to mix in three drops of eucalyptus, and I'm just going to put in maybe like a couple of drops of tea tree.

Okay, there you go. Hmm, Smells nice and minty and we mix this all together. This is also really great if you're stressed out or have a cold because the minty smell will just clear your side sinuses. Okay, here it is all done. I'm going to just keep it out of the bowl and just scrub my face with it. Now when you're using any kind of mask, it's always good to apply it using circular motions cause that's going to help to give it a nice gentle and buffing exfoliation. Like this.

Apply the Mask


And you're just going to do this all over your face. Okay, now I have it all applied and have my hands washed. Typically, if I'm just creating this mask and I don't have a ton of essential oils in, you can wash it off right away. The results are instant. My hands, I swear to you, before I did this, felt like sandpaper and now they feel like a baby's butt. 

But because I put these essential oils in, I want the medicinal qualities to have a little of time to penetrate into my skin. So what I'll do is make the second mask. So this mask is designed to moisturize and firm your face you're going to feel once you do it that your skin feels like you just had some natural Botox happen or your reborn cause your skin is just going to suck right in.

Making the Second Mask


Here are the ingredients that you need. I'm going to be using three essential oils. I'm going to be using peppermint, obviously to keep with the Christmas feel and it's very cooling. That minty sensation is beautiful. And then I have some Rose and lavender. 

Both of these are great for calming and soothing. The skin actually Rose is used a lot to help bind moisture, so you'll hear about Rose toners and things like that. It just helps to hold moisture to your skin. I have some sweet almond oil. You can also use jojoba oil. Both of these oils are slow to absorb and close to what your skin's natural oils are, so it's really replenishing without being too heavy.

Then I have some cinnamon. This is going to help to calm any inflammation or redness that you have in your skin. Same thing with this yogurt. It's very cooling feeling, which is really nice and honey of course, which is also nice and moisturizing. 

And then I have flour. I put in a little of flour just to thicken it up a little so it doesn't drip. This is going to be more of a liquid-y mask. So what you're going to do is again, start with your base. I'm going to probably put about a teaspoon of that. You don't need a ton cause it's oil. I'm going to put in some honey.

So, I did this mask the other day and my skin felt so nice. I went to bed, I didn't even have any moisturizer on cause I wanted to see how moisturized my skin actually was, and I woke up the next day and my skin was just glowing. You're going to love it. 

Okay, so I'm going to put in five drops of peppermint again. I'm going to put in five drops of Rose. And with these essential oils, actually you can't really overuse it if you want it to have a more aroma, you can add more if you want. And then five drops of lavender. That smells pretty strong though already so it's probably good.

Add Some Yogurt and Cinnamon

I'm going to scoop in a little of yogurt, put in a little sprinkle of cinnamon. You can see what it looks like already, give it a stir. And then I just sprinkle in flour at the very end and only what I need because sometimes you may not even need it, but with these ones typically you do. Yeah see, so it's really runny. That would just drip right off of your face. So now flour; and actually, this is expired flour that I keep just for stuff like this. My face feels awesome right now. 

Okay, I'm just going to mix this all together. See a much better consistency. Okay, so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to go and rinse my face and then I'll put this on and then I'll be right back. Okay, here we have it all applied. Now just some quick tips. When you're washing off the first mask, put some water, make sure you're cleaning off everything around your eye because even whatever drips in from that mask will burn your eyes.

Now with the second mask, peppermint isn't as invasive and it's not, it doesn't burn in the same way. I actually got a little right on my eyelash and it was totally fine. It didn't burn it all. I just wiped it away and it was good to go. So with the second mask, you can actually put it on a little closer to your eyes if you need. I wouldn't go too close underneath, cause the skin there is still really thin, but I definitely covered up my brows as well. After you rinse off the first mask, you're going to feel your face feel nice and cold and it'll have a slight redness to it. And once you put this on, it's instantly cooling like it feels so good. And you can leave this on probably for a couple more minutes. So what I'm going to do is go and get cleaned up and then I'll be right back to show you what my skin looks like at the very end.

Vibrant Skin! 

Okay. Look at the results of this mask. My skin feels nice and soft. It feels nice and tight. It feels nice and cool. Everything, the redness has calmed down. It's even gotten rid of the blackheads that I had and all the dry skin. Now I need to do is spray on a little bit of toner. I just have this Rose water just like that. I use different toners for different things. In the evening I use Witch Hazel because it is more stringent and will clean my face and then I have some lotion. 

I'm not one of those people that DIY everything, because I do believe there are some ingredients that you just, you need some active ingredients to really help the skin, but to each their own. I'm just going to massage it into my face in the same way and then I'll be all done. You can just let it dry and you can go ahead and put on any makeup if you want or, truly, it's best if you could just stay makeup-free and just let your skin breathe for the day. There.

You will have to tell me what you think about this mask. You're going to love it there. Now it's all done, so that's it for today's video. I hope you enjoyed it and more importantly, I hope that you learn something. 

Try both of those masks and let me know what you think. Leave them down below in the comments. If you have any questions, leave them there too or other video requests, you can also leave them there. I will 100% get back to you. Here again is a closeup of my skin and there's nothing on it other than contour and some lotion, so it works great. With that, I hope you really enjoy your holidays. It's a great time for us to slow down and really enjoy the things that life is truly about. Bye.

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